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Hello and welcome to Dog Obediences. My name is Randy and I love training my dog Bailey and that is why I put this website together to showcase great dog training tips and resources that have worked well for Bailey and I.

What's New At DogObediences.com?

DogObedineces.com is undergoing some exciting new changes and additions. We have recently added a photo and video library for dog breeds.

We will be adding new breeds as quickly as we can. If you have suggestions for a specific breed please send us an email with a short description of the breed characteristics here.

We will also soon be adding a feature that will allow registered users to upload photos and videos of your own dogs. Dog Obediences will also be launching a products page with fantastic deals on dog related training DVD's and other useful dog breed related products.

We value your suggestions and feedback so contact us anytime.

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Dog Obedience: Getting Your Dog To Listen

Dog obedience is an important concern for all dog owners. You don't want your dog to misbehave and you definitely want a dog that is respectful of you. Yet, taking your current situation and getting to that point is something that most people struggle with. The problem is that most people simply are not sure of the right method of training a pet. Yet, there is quite a bit of help out there that can help you to do just that. Bailey is a much better dog and friend now that he actually listens to me:-) Dog obedience is something that you can conquer!

What Goes Into Dog Obedience Training?

The right dog obedience training will be the trigger that helps to bring your pet from a frustrated state to a well behaved state. The fact is that your dog doesn't want to misbehave or do things that do not please you. They want to make their owner happy and proud of them. Yet, these reactions and interactions need to be taught to the dog before it can perform them. Patience, of course, is part of the mix.

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