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16 Useful Clues To Understand Your Dog Better

Understanding a dog’s body language is essential for building a strong and trustworthy relationship with your four-legged friend.
Bright Side introduces 16 illustrations that will help you to understand what your pet — or any other dog — wants to tell you. Enjoy reading this, and make friends with dogs because they are a source of limitless positivity!

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  1. I just wasted 5 and a half minutes of my life.

  2. Ariel DIAZ BRENES

    But what happens if your dog have a small tale like a bunny tale

  3. My dog has a curly tail

  4. Charles Borète

    thanks to this i realized that my puppy is scared when i touch her belly 🙁

  5. Mellenie Thornton

    I love my dog so much!!!!

  6. I would highly recommend checking out Victoria Stillwell who is one of the best dog trainers in the world !!

  7. Rolling over is also a sign of submission. This video should not be used for real information Please consult a positive dog trainer(professional) and a trainer who understands that a dog isn't trying to dominate you

  8. Dog is never challenging you. That information is completely false

  9. Pay attention to the ears? My dog has floppy ears, he can't raise them

  10. i thought wagging its tail rapidly meant contenedness

  11. 😕

  12. so i guess my dog constantly challenges my wife. i knew it

  13. xjoelgamingx pelaa

    thank you me and my dog are now even better frends

  14. "Pay attention to the tail" my dog has a nub

    "Pay attention to the ears" my dog is a poodle who ears are flopy

  15. 3:00 and if my dog yawn and I yawn after him

  16. i have a shar pei she does not have a long tail its a little curl

  17. IanReksEveryone :O

    Uuuh I have a poodle mixed with a Labrador or a labradoodle so some of these aren't useful

  18. thank u bright side this will help alot


    We rescued a dog off the streets, here's the story. Me and my little brothers were getting off the school bus One day, when we saw a dog on the road she had twine around her neck in a noose, and her skin was growing over it, my mother took her in after cutting the noose out, and the dog stood still the whole time! We named her Penny, and she is a healthy, chubby dog now.


    5:00 our dog does that whenever she comes in.

  21. my dog sneezes a lot he sneezed so much his nose was crooked it was so funny


    What if type of dog's ears always stand up?

  23. Matt The Kittin

    I listened to it 5 times and then tested my dog bowser he got ran over by a truck he's always stressed

  24. John Mark Woodworth

    The dog turns its back on you LOLZ

  25. "Pay attention to the ears" My dog has floppy ears…

  26. Did you just assume my dogs gender?

  27. um actrually he sometime licked his nose/mouth to clean food out of his mouth

  28. INeedAnOriginalName

    And if your dog is an old english bulldog, whose tail is a nub?

  29. OMG the back of my dog is naruto nine tail seal on his back omg

  30. "He"???

    Did you just assume my dogs gender?!?!?!

  31. Butterfly Logan

    would if ur dog scoots on the floor

  32. What about if the dog, in my case a male Maltese, has a naturally curly tail? How would I be able to read and decipher some of these situations that have the tail as being the main source of the "giveaway"?

  33. What if your dog says "Oh my Bark Becky!" 🤔🤔🤔

    Oh my dog wants a pumpkin spice latte DUHHH 🙄

  34. my dog looks like hes crying cuz the cats missing

  35. 4:48 My chihuahua does that a lot…

  36. Kawaiitomatoodile :3

    Did you assume my dogs gender?

  37. Ears? My dog is a Dorky ( Yorkie and Dashound ) One ear goes up, one ear goes down… I'm very confused!

  38. my dog has naturally no tail. ._.

  39. Public Broadcasting Service

    i love this vid

  40. Alexander Hamilton

    Umm my dog turns her back to bark at my family members. Does that count?

  41. My dog has a underbite soooooo he is a human sheild

  42. jasmine khaneja

    I have a dog called ocean

  43. My dogs tail is pretty much always up because he's a husky Sheppard mix but he listens well so

  44. my dogs let me steal there food or feed them by hand

  45. Thank you for making this video

  46. My dog always turns his back to me at night she must really trust me

  47. im getting a dog soon im super excited 😀 like this comment if u think i can take care of my dog

  48. im getting a dog soon im super excited 😀 like this comment if u think i can take care of my dog

  49. thank you this helped me save my dogs life:)

  50. What if you have a short tailed dog?

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