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7 Quick Tips for TOILET TRAINING a Puppy or Dog

Toilet training a puppy or older dog can be time consuming and frustrating. Watch this video to learn how to make the process as fast and stress free as possible; for you and your dog!
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  1. Pawsitively Terriers

    Great video, thank you.
    I have never used puppy pads so never thought about the association between pads and rugs but I know that lots of people do and I will mention it next time I;m asked for advice. x

  2. Graceful Canine Dog Training NYC

    Thank you. Sharing with my clients.

  3. The Outsiders Lover

    I just got my puppy from a Humane Society and they were training her on pee pads. She is going on the carpets now and it is very tedious. Do you have any tips?

  4. Kamaleshan Ganeshan

    Best toilet training for dogs
    Keep it up👌👌👌👍👍

  5. Thanks for the info, very informative!

  6. I found this useful

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  8. victoria sandobal


  9. Emilija Dimkovik

    I'm not sure but ,if anyone else needs to find out about puppy training tips try Jaffacter Simple Dog Coach (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my co-worker got excellent success with it.

  10. I'm getting a dog on Monday

  11. This is so helpful. I'm getting a puppy and so housetraining will be fun 😂

  12. Cristina Sulzener

    I took my puppy from a dog foster home about a year ago. I love him to bits; he has a great personality, and I feel that he loves our family so much. BUT, whenever I leave him at home he pees in the house: on the carpet, on the bed, on flowers..
    My husband and I were thinking about taking him to 'doggy school', but then again, it’s extremely expensive, and the nearest 'doggy school' is far away from us. Maybe you have some advice? THANK YOU!!!!

  13. woоооw!

  14. I prefer to use training toilets. I love these toilets https://goo.gl/6X6rd2. My 6y/o took to it with never having been trained to use one. My new puppy uses it with ease & she is only 13 weeks old. I take her onto my balcony, tell her to "do wees" & she goes about it with ease. These are so easy to clean. I have three and all of them are used by the two puppies.
    Nice tips, all in all, thanks.

  15. Jesus loves you 🙂

  16. Your videos are incredible! The quality you produce deserves at least 1 million subscribers!

  17. I really wish this channel had more videos

  18. was just talking to an urban client that's a friend of mine about toilet training his pup today, perfect timing! i love oure

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