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9 Tips for Living With a Dog – Foundations for Dog Owners

9 Tips for living with a dog—adapted from the education world—that can help all dog owners build the foundation of a happy home with their pooch. **** Download the FREE Simpawtico Basic Gear Buyer’s Guide here

I don’t think it’s necessary for dog owner’s to buy this book. There is a ton in there that is not applicable (setting up a grade book, for example). But, I know someone is going to want to check it out
That’s the latest version. You can probably get a used older version for a lot less!

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  1. This guy is fucking amazing! Thank you so much, man! You are SO helping me with my new four month old Australian blue heeler! I get tips here and there from you, and they totally work. Thank you so much!

  2. Great content but this guy is literally the biggest douche I have ever lauded my eyes on.

  3. robin todhunter

    I think I need to have a schedule and task list for each day. This was great for concepts. My puppy is frenetic!

  4. Nicholas Dietschler

    Great videos! super helpful! I have been a rabbit owner for a long time and now have a new rescue dog. our dog is really great and learning fast. Do you have tips and tricks for fostering good relationships with animals of a different species? especially ones that go against instincts.

  5. recycleonwednesdays

    I'm new to your channel & enjoying it immensely.

    Thank you for captioning your videos!

  6. So I am a full time trainer (I mainly work with reactive/aggressive dogs) but it is soooo exciting to see another trainer coming up on youtube to recommend to clients! I love how you touch up on topics that many other popular trainers on this platform don't discuss. Because it's very obvious on how to teach sit, stay, come, etc. However, you are approaching the other side of training which is really where the majority of success comes from! Super excited to see what else you cover in the future (:

    May I ask where you're based out of?

  7. Do you suggest edible chew toys (eg Rawhide.. etc) for dogs. I heard they cause dogs mouths to bleed.

    Great video and a response would be greatly appreciated 🙂

  8. "Consult a trainer or a behaviourist for questions you might have." Good advice… if the dog training community was licensed. Every moron can "be" a dog trainer, often leading unhealthy "training".

  9. Ian — this is such a great video. I work in education, and I constantly make connections between the classroom and dog training all the time. I definitely set learning goals for my dog, and I find myself asking her to "make good choices" all the time.

  10. I have 2 4 month twin dogs, do you have any tips on training both dogs? Thanks

  11. Finally someone who understands dogs and how they behave. I love your advices and I agree with you. I use the same technique as you and I have well behave shelter dog, so it works.

  12. Pauline McLaughlin

    Hi Ian, great video as always. The frozen kongs are working a treat on my staffie cross whippet. I'm having issues with counter surfing, she is a scavenger do you have any tips? Because of her breed she can jump on tables and benches easily. I wish I lived in the states to do your classes, have you ever thought about doing session over Skype? Thanks again for giving up your time. Hope olive and the rest of your fur babies are well.

  13. Question! I have an absolutely amazing Rhodesian Ridgeback. one thing he is very good at is endurance. He never really sprints, and he is overall low energy, but the boy can run for days. Literally. At an easy trot, he can go twenty miles or more. He also swims in the lake. My problem is that his paw pads get horribly worn down, especially if they get soft from swimming and then shredded in the forest. Any ideas?

  14. natalia krevisky

    Hi, great video! I think I watched every video you uploaded 😁. I have a 4 month old and i've been following your tips and they really worked out 🙌🏽 but i still don't know what to do when the dog make a mess when I leave her for a while. She grabs whatever is within reach and destroys it in pieces 👎🏼 even though i leave the chew toy and everything.. its just not working. Your videos taught me a lot but how can i make her understand whats wrong? Greetings from Argentina!!!

  15. Some great tips here – and it makes sense. No, children and dogs aren't the same, but to a certain level they do learn very much the same way (though not generally the same skills. You're not going to be teaching your kid not to pee on the carpet. . .we hope! lol) . I really don't understand how people can get a dog then just assume it knows everything and somehow 'telepathically' understand what is said to it.

    My puppy is now 7 months old and I have put SO much time and effort into her teaching her how to be civilised. We go through the basics daily, multiple times – and she's still having trouble remembering it all. (Such as not getting excited and chasing the cats, and not standing up at the counter and snatching whatever she can reach. These are things she has already been taught, be we have to keep going over – and over – and over and reminding her.) You can see her trying and working on getting it and remembering – but its definitely an ongoing process. Though – I am happy to report – today she came nose to nose with the chinchilla (who was in her cage, but down at dog-nose level, right near the wire) and nudged the chin through the wire. . .and did NOT bark, or get overly excited. She just was curious, sniffed and came away. Yay!! Curiosity is normal. Getting all excited and going crazy – is not. 🙂 (well, actually it probably is normal, but it's not acceptable, how's that? lol)

  16. dont take me wrong. the video the idea is fab. is just my inexperience with training i think i should get a cat.

  17. it sounds so complicated.

  18. Is the Kong dishwasher safe?

  19. my dos is 2 yo can i still train him properly

  20. Glade you added a new video I was wondering if you could do a video about dog muzzles and how to know if you need one or just your opinion on dog muzzles

  21. My pupy is rally dominat and she olny 4 mount old i dont know wat to do!!!

  22. Nice, I discover this channel and the next day there's a new video 😉

  23. Another great video. So clear, concise and thought provoking! Thanks for making me a better dog owner – Becca and Jake thank you too!

  24. love your videos! I have a question regarding treats. Just started taking my 4 month border collie outside because she just got all of her shots but I try to praise her when she does something good and simply ignores the treats. I don't know if she is acknowledging that she did good if she is not interested in her treats or the clicker.

  25. Great video, thanks!

  26. DanJakeGizmo Dogs and things

    Ian Can We Get A The Best Dog Collars Video Also Your Great Keep It Up.🐕🐶🐾❤️🐩

  27. Hi. I love the videos. I wonder if you might do a video where we can watch you teach and rehearse a new thing to a dog so that I can see your tips put into action. I'm brand new to dog ownership so sometimes I find it hard to take your advice into real life. Thanks so much.

  28. Danny Four Square

    Great videos, getting a French Mastiff pup soon these videos help get a better plan than before.

  29. Fernando Mattos Gameleira

    Hi! I love your videos and i'm trying to apply all techniques to my dog. She is a 11 years old female cocker spaniel and she has been having a chronicle otites condition. I took her to the vet and he listed some medicines I should apply on her or should give her. The problem is that my dog won't let me put her ear medicine on her (Epiotic Sereuse is the medicine). I'm almost giving up. First she runs somewhere far from me. Then she lowers her head and twist it when I get to her ear. Finally, she growls, showing that she is capable of biting. I don't know if she would bite me, but I really don't wanna risk it. If it was any other person than me she applying the medicine, she would've already biten the medicine administrator. Any tips on how I can improve her behavior so that she accepts well the medicine? It has been a nightmare. Thanks in advance!!

  30. Brittany Hamlett

    hi my name is Brittany and I have a question. my 2 year old now refuses to let me cut her nails. now my 3 month old is doing the same thing. how do I get my dog to be okay with nail clipping. thank you for your channel it helped me change my ways and routens with the new puppy.

  31. We will probably be getting a new puppy in august and I have a few questions (any input is welcome)

    I am okay with having a dog on some of my couches, but not all. Is there a way to train him only to jump on certain couches?

    Also is there a specific soap I can wash the food bowls in?

    If I do get a dog, I would like to cook its food (sometimes wet dog food) are there any foods that are really bad for the dogs
    I was thinking proteins like egg and chicken and rice

    Can I cook the chicken with bones in it?

    Can I immediately replace all of the dog food with chicken, or does it have to be gradually (if so, how much dog food should I replace with chicken everyday)

    Should I keep a harness on at all times (use it instead of a collar) or should I use a collar and only have a harness for walking

    Also do I need to take the collar off when I put the harness on

    Can my dog walk in front of me

    What if my dog doesn't eat all of his food in one sitting . Should I reduce the amount???

    How many times should I feed my dog and how much time between meals

    How do I know if my dog has to go to the bathroom

    How much time between eating and

    When I am training a dog and I feed it treats for it first bath so it has a positive experience, how do I let the dog know that once it is comfortable it won't get any treats during bath time

    Can put a thin lightweight crate pad in a crate and have my puppy sleep in that or do I need a bed below the pad

    How do I know if my dog is overheated

  32. Another great, informative video!

  33. I love your videos – you're so articulate and logical! We have an 8-month boston terrier-pom mix who has been amazing in most ways but we've definitely had to up our game in the last month or so as she's begun to spook more easily and become more assertive. She gets a lot of affection and I'm wondering if there's a connection between these things. I've watched a lot of videos that suggest dogs "earn" affection… we have her in a routine and put a lot of time into training, but I'm wondering if affection is something we need to address. Any input welcome!

  34. Oh man, this is great!

  35. Hey, great videos! I have been watching a bunch of them recently. I did have one comment, for videos like this one could you also put examples for each talking point? It is sometimes difficult to get a better understanding of the point without a demonstration. Some videos, like the 5 steps with a new puppy do this, and it is great.

  36. I like how you always share principles so one can understand and project into everyday training. Way better than many other videos that tell us how to ask dog do useless tricks.

  37. PawsAndTails127

    I can't express how much I love these videos! I don't even have a dog because it doesn't work with our lifestyle, but these videos are soooo well done!!

  38. to be honest the part thats really hard for me is the family part. My mother wont listen to me (or to our educator/dog teacher, whatever it is) and thats making stuff pretty difficult for me. it's incredibly annoying. Sorry, didnt mean to rant :/

  39. Thank you for the new video! Finally! 😀

  40. Thank you for the video.

  41. I'm getting a puppy in August and your videos are helping me out SO much!! thank you!!

  42. Yay thanks for uploading. We have been missing your amazing videos!!!!!!

  43. You've got amazing video's!!!! I don't even have a dog……

  44. Hello, I rescued a 7 month old male toy poodle. It's been less than a week and he is doing great but he won't take treats and when I try and pet him and praise him for doing something good he lays down. His tail wags but he sort of cowers down.
    He is loving and follows me like a shadow I just wish I could help him be more confident.
    He will use the toilet outside if the door is open but he doesn't "ask" to go out and will try to pee inside if the door is closed. How can I let him know I like what he's done without him being scared

  45. Daisy Duke The Goldens

    We've been waiting for a new video. Thanks for uploading 🐶☺️

  46. Hershey's Adventures

    Hey, Simpawtico! Another amazing video. I'll probably be getting a companion puppy soon, but I'll probably be gone for hours, and one of the days will only need me half the time. Any tips?

  47. I love your videos you make everything so clear😀

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