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Aggressive dog training and aggression rehab tips

Aggression rehab dog training video for aggressive dogs should only be done by a qualified dog trainer. Dog Training video shot in new york ( NY ). Food aggression, dog agression, people agressive dogs, leash aggresion dog training, aggressiveness toward the dog handler, and all other dog problems that cause real dog bites.

Aggressive rehab dog training with the “east coast” dog whisperer Mike D’Abruzzo at k9-1 Specialized Dog Training in New York. All dog training by the dog trainers are done with knowledge, respect, and patience. If you would like to learn more about Michael D’Abruzzo’s training techniques

Thank you for watching my dog training videos.

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  3. K9-1 is the best!

  4. Jorge Araya Navarro

    Apprentice Earl?! This video is reaaaally old.

  5. 'well protected glove, hopefully' ?     Is the guy a rehabber or not ?  The cameraman should stay quiet. Snarky laughs or guffaws are not helping the handler or dog or viewer to have belief in the handler's skills.

  6. damn IDK how you did not jump sky high when he bit!

  7. I used a few secrets from the videos at https://twitter.com/382b288b8e8327261/status/742623739800653824?id=7bba2136-70cc-4930-9a26-9a0732b25594 to get our puppy to stop biting, digging, peeing inside, and jumping on people. He’s a fast learner and mastered 95% of it within a few days Aggressive dog training and aggression rehab tips (http://www.k9-1.com)

  8. Dog obedience training is just one of the things that you will need to become the master of your pet and this is something you will find when you are looking for effective dog training courses. Here is the official link: https://plus.google.com/u/0/112523550128601561008/posts/6CAn5LhKGDL .

  9. Good ideas thanks The best info that I have found was at Brainy paws (i found it on google) Without a doubt the most useful dog training tips that I have ever liked.

  10. Thanks for the video. great ideas. The best instructions that I have looked at was at Brainy paws (i found it on google) Without a doubt the most awesome dog training tips that I have ever liked.

  11. Breanna Hayward

    Lol when you're getting criticism from the R+ only trainers saying you shouldnt use ecollars AND criticism from the Cesar Millan lovers saying you need to smack the dogs around more…you know you're doing something right. I applaud you. One of the first true balanced dog trainers out there. I admire everything you all do.

  12. Michael Mackinnon

    awesome tips, where can I buy one of the well protected gloves you use, the yellow one in the start of the video?

  13. manuela redding

    a super easy way to fix food aggression is to simply add more food. Also if a dog reacts hostile to putting on the leash, he clearly had been abused with it. So why cause more trauma with you method….check "training positive" on you tube

  14. Can u take my dog lol

  15. Hi, could you share some experience and tips on aggressive male Caucasian Shepherd. The problems we faced with him are : he killed a little puppy inside our yard and have bited a guest of ours, he haven't been socialized with other dogs at all. What can i do to change his behaviour and stop the aggressive attitude towards other animals and humans? I appreciate your time on answering it!

  16. With the first dog you should be clear about what you are doing: is it the glove to smell, food to eat, being social and petted or what, not many things at the same time or obscurely.
    The next dog is afraid of hurting it's leg when other person moves it too high, veterinarians do not need so unnatural movements.
    Warm style is good for timid dog afraid of being hurt when handled.
    If an aggressive dog is given enough things to do and stimuli, it can be guided in what are good manners in daily life by adapting oneself that kind of style and giving positive feedback.

  17. Janice Kempster

    It looks like the dogs in this video are wearing shock collars.  ???

  18. No thank you. I like new without any damage.

  19. Amazing video. Thanks for the upload!

  20. I do some animal rescue. I keep running into 1 problem that I hope you will help me with. I have a male rottie unneutered, who doesn't dog fight. He gets along with almost any dog I bring in. The problem is the rescues. Mostly the males neutered or not, they challenge my boy. What can I do to stop or correct this as this situation can be dangerous not just for my dog but also for me. I would also like to place the dogs in all good conscious in a home with other dogs if possible. You can also never tell who may adopt a dog like this and wish to get another dog later on. Thank you for any help you can give me.

  21. I want to know if u train a Doberman Pinscher.

  22. Shelby Williams

    Not one pitbull in this video. I think that should say something. But hey – I'm just one person.

  23. Rewarding aggressive behavior is never the right thing to do. You have to wait til the dog is calm and submissive until you say good boy and give him a treat. These trainers are crap!

  24. Santiago Palacios

    Bless you guys! 
    so may good tips to use with my dog.  wish we had some one like you here in Ecuador.

  25. Great job guys GOD BLESS

  26. ihategoogLplus39339

    So it's okay for a dog to try to rip you to shreds when you touch it's food, but God forbid you give em a lil whap the first time they do it to prevent it from getting dangerous in the first place. I know people that raise horses. Horses can KILL you easily like dogs. One young horse kept rearing and trying to paw the owner with it's front legs. They didn't want to be mean to it so they would just run it in circles. The horse kept doing it until they followed my advice and whapped it on the nose the next time it tried. That was when the horse was already 3 and the owner was on the verge of getting rid of it. No more problems since then. Why is it okay for animals to bully us? Show it it's not okay from the beginning and it won't be a problem. You aren't hurting the dog any more then when you give it shots. It's for the dog's own good to prevent bad behavior early on before it ends up getting put to sleep for bad behavior or killing someone else or you. Cesar Millan is not outdated. People are just being pansies about it. He doesn't hurt dogs, and more people should treat aggressive dogs like he does.

  27. The protective gloves are a big help. The owner or trainer can follow through with the lesson, and the dog in most cases will realize that the biting isn't working. The first dog with the food aggression had this "what do I do now" look when the biting didn't get the results he was probably use to getting.

  28. Wow he's bad.

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  30. Wow, if you are looking for an online dog / puppy training program then go to onlinedogtraining.us . I can't stress enough how much this site has helped me.

  31. You have no clue what your talking about.. These guys are a level above you. Relax.

  32. You may also watch this video >> dog.dess.me

  33. Dog Training by K9-1.com

    We help dogs, even ones that arm chair PHD's recommend to get put down, You will not find any complaints about us and we have been around a long time. Go to our blog and read about the Phd's at Cornell and how much they helped these dogs. You are just a troll. Typical unprofessional troll that repeats cliche's but is not making a difference. This is a video of dogs that were not hurt, and in fact saved. Troll somewhere else.

  34. Do not excuse your own behavior by what others might or might not do. You'll never get any better that way. Everyone has heard of trainers from every style (positive reinforcement, balanced, or traditional) recommending that a dog be put down when it needn't be. I certainly have.

  35. Dog Training by K9-1.com

    Don't know why you are telling us "sorry" as if you are bursting our bubble on something that works. He is being a told "good boy" before he gets a treat and after i touch his leg. His lips are pulled back in fear and his bites are fear bites. The praise also has a calming effect. If you think the training exercise is ENCOURAGING biting, I don't know what to say. You don't understand the depth of what we are doing. Thats why all trainers should go through a specialized school.

  36. Dog Training by K9-1.com

    Sorry this is Waay WAAAY over your head if you think these results are due to sloppy work.. not everything we do is found in a dogwise book.

  37. Dog Training by K9-1.com

    Also, these dogs have all hurt people and it is my responsibility to humanely teach these dogs discipline to not only save their lives but keep people safe. The first dog in the video bit the owners finger off and hospialized every family member.There is open invitation to anyone who wants to teach the students how to do this easier and more painless and will be able to sleep at night returning the dog to the owner.I'll even pay.Most +R only trainers wont touch these dogs and suggest euthanasia.

  38. Dog Training by K9-1.com

    If you understood what we are doing in the video you would recognize we are using the technique of extinction paired with counter-conditioning in most the clips.We reward the calming signal and don't reward the aggression which worked in the past for the dogs.We teach a course and certify many successful trainers in learning theory and also training MECHANICS on when to properly use and HOW to use ALL equipment. calling the ecollar a "SHOCK" collar only shows ignorance to how it is properly used

  39. Well most people care more about general criticism than helpful redirection but: I would start with Karen Pryor's Don't Shoot the Dog, move to Excel-erated Learning by Pamela Reid (keeping in mind that the book is older and the fallouts of positive punishment are being shown in more recent data), and finally for the more difficult dogs that everyone says MUST be taught with punishment When Pigs Fly! Training Success with Impossible Dogs by Jane Killion. I would also learn about stress signals.

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