This video is a brief introduction into basic obedience. Obedience is the fundamental means of communication with any animal. Through obedience training your dog will learn what, when and how to do what your asking.

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  1. Million Dollar Vlogs

    how do I not get my dog aggressive around ppl

  2. i like your t shirt

  3. learned a lot from this! amazing what a pitbull can learn in the matter of minutes! thank you!

  4. this guy smoked a joint before making this video.

  5. this dog is American Pit Bull Terrier or American Staffordshire ?

  6. Claire Heinrich

    It doesn't work

  7. Alberto Einstein

    I've tried this on my blue nose but he still remains aggressive towards dogs,people, and cars he jumps at everything. I can't walk him like I used to.

  8. What a beautiful dog and a cool dude. Peace

  9. these training vids kill me. they all use trained dogs. use the savage at the end of my leash. I am trying everything he is bending the prongs on the collar. No give in this animal…

  10. Aleksandar Kraevski

    Can you guys tell me what is the exact breed of the dog please

  11. Chelsea Hammond

    Such a beautiful dog. I'm getting a new blue nose soon and very excited to train.

  12. Tutorials For Android

    I been trying to do that but when I put his leash he tries to bite it and when I don't he gets distracted but when I show him his treat that he loves he jumps on me

  13. My dads dog is trained but…he forgets about his dog now its acting like a wild beast or something😭😭 his dog was obedient and respectful to us all. Now he bacame wild and mean😭😭😭😭i miss our old german shepherd's self..

  14. What treat is that?

  15. That Former Hooper

    am i the only one who thinks he looks like the american sniper

  16. Only problem I'm having is mine he doesn't like to get down or isn't understanding down… but stay he's starting to learn lol

  17. You never need to touch a dog to train…

  18. This is how I trained my dog and it works.

  19. No need to say stay. Down is down. Sit is sit. They both have a built in stay. Otherwise why give the initial command? Stay is needless and redundant imho. To each his own

  20. what do you think about a prong collar

  21. I think he is an AMstaff. bull terrier.

  22. scottish nignog

    what a beautiful dog he is

  23. thanks for the help.

  24. do you have​ any training tips for boerboels??

  25. that dog will rip through that leash like it's nothing what's the point of it having it on

  26. can anyone be nice enough to tell me what is the dog breed in this video

  27. Can you do a vid About the pit and the amstaf

  28. I love this channel…but as a trainer I assure you that this dog is not "sound" in any of these basic commands, even from an exemplary standpoint.

  29. Typical bully, sweet and ready to give kishes.

  30. איתן הינדי

    I think that was awesome! Wish you would teach that at koocam. I would definitely pay to learn that directly from for suitable tips

  31. #Elizabeth Xiong My 12 wk old pitbull pup just learned sit..I went to Pet Smart and bought a bag of chicken liver treats.. They sell small, medium and large treats..They are kibbles but softer than regular dog food and both my pups love it.. I just pushed her bum down and when she sits nice and still in sit position I gave her a treat..Make sure to only give the treat if her bum is on the ground!! If you want to teach him lay down then pull the treat forward near the ground when they are sitting nice..move the treat real low until they basically have to lay to reach it..My pup learned sit fast but I had to push her bum down a few times at first..I hold at least 3 treats in my hand and make her do 3 sits in a row each time…Only took 3 days to teach her..Now whenever she is roughhousing with my chihuahua I just say sit and down her bum goes 🙂 My pit puppy is smarter than my chihuahua and she is only 3 months old <3 @Matthew Chan

  32. great people can learn how to keep the dog interested in learning an don't get upset with the dog as they try to teach them

  33. Very informative. Great video man

  34. Step 1: Smoke a joint…

  35. Jhonathan Marquez

    no man this is the wrong way don't food. train your dog

  36. What is a good way to remove tear stain

  37. God that's a beautiful dog

  38. Ratman rumpleshtine

    is that a pitbull?, its a beautiful dog

  39. THANK YOU!! I have been trying to find a video on how to train my bulldog and all of them just show their dogs doing the commands. Thanks for taking the time to show how it's actually done. Please make more.

  40. he has a lazy attitude. lol the guy that's talking.lmao

  41. thanks

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