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Basic Obedience Training | Cesar 911

Cesar uses basic obedience training to help teach Luna how to control her behavior
Cesar Millan is back in his element – rehabilitating dogs and training people, but this time he’s bringing his skills to a community near you. Each week Cesar will travel to a community that is in desperate need of his help.

He is summoned by neighbors, co-workers, relatives and friends who “blow the whistle” on a four-legged menace that has turned their lives upside down. Whether it’s a spoiled Chihuahua going wild in a family business or an aggressive mutt spreading fear throughout a neighborhood, Cesar will use his unparalleled expertise to bring balance to the dogs and the community. Each episode will consist of two stories within one community and conclude with all parties coming together at a central meeting place, now equipped with the knowledge and tools only Cesar Millan can provide.

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