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Cesar Millan’s Tips Every Dog Owner Should Know

Cesar Millan shares tips every dog owner should know to make sure their dog is happy & healty.
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  1. Let's be real here, he makes it look easy for him. People that own a dog or deal with dog is hard, even though people might or do try his method and it still doesn't work or don't know how to do it right or they do it and the dog only listen half or whatever else. It's easy to explain things that you been doing many many years to the 🌎, but others might just be a hot messy training style.

  2. very helpful video for all dog lovers…..thank u Caesar sir

  3. Jayden Valentine

    funny how she is trying so hard to cover up her fat tummy

  4. Cesar Millan has influenced my wife to become a dog trainer. She uses the same techniques on dogs, and it really does work! By studying the dog's anatomy and studying a dog's behavior, you can get to the root cause of issues.

  5. Cesar millan is a cool guy

  6. I looooovvvveeeee Cesar!!

  7. My favourite is getting progressively louder and crankier when calling the dog if he isn't coming fast enough. Dogs approach on an indirect path when they want to be non-confrontational. When you yell at the dog for taking too long, he thinks you're warning him off and telling him he's approaching too directly, so he'll slow down and approach in an even more circuitous way in an attempt to pacify you and defuse the aggression you're directing his way, which causes you to yell more and on and on it goes.

  8. Mohsen Gharadaghi

    Shux i was doing all the things he's laughing at.

  9. Adidela Fleming

    wow … junior can even understand that Cesar is acting ….and he doesn't do anything until Cesar actually say's so ……🐕he is a grt dog 💙

  10. didn't learn a thing but whatever

  11. I love Cesar so much!! he's just an amazing person in every way

  12. Cesar Millan abuses animals.

  13. Kyra and Friends

    Cesar makes hilarious comments at times. When I feed my dogs, I'm calm with two of them, tell them to sit and wait, then they can eat. With my youngest I tell her to sit and stay, and then I'll be more hyped while talking to her. I do it because I don't want her to eat until I say "ok" and I think she is quite capable of being talked to while waiting. I'll also never try to excite my dogs before walking them, though.

  14. I love this man!

  15. junior's drool at 0:19 LMAO

  16. failed handshakes always make me cringe

  17. Queen Latifah you go girl😅😆💗

  18. This is so true haha.

  19. Scoot_ Scooters12

    I don't think it's THAT bad to get a dog excited for a walk. I have a dachshund and when I grab his leash he knows we're gong for a walk. I then say "you wanna go for a walk?!" He gets crazy excited. Then when I put the leash on, I open the door, and because I trained him, he doesn't go out on till he sits and I say it's okay. Then he walks out. It's really adorable to be honest. Lol

  20. OMG!! Cesar could've made his appearance on Queen Latifah and used me as an example…because that's me! I'm learning tho! I was dying when he did the leash thing when getting ready to take your dog for a walk! LMBO I USED TO do the same thing w/the leash…wrap it around my hand, then put my hand thru the loop. AND…I'm old! I'll be 60 this year. Hey! You're never too old to learn. I have my first German Shepherd puppy. He will be 12 weeks old on Friday. I'll be damned if I have a dog who is NOT trained. My biggest pet peeve is people who get dogs and do not give them any type of training. When I see someone walking their dog, or should I say the dog walking them (meaning the dog is pulling on the leash so hard the owner is literally leaning backwards trying to control the dog), it burns my butt! So disrespectful! Reason I waited until the age I am now to get a dog, because I plan on putting in 100% effort with this dog. Hey, does anyone know how to contact Cesar Milan?? I could sure use his help!! LOL

  21. interesting points ,if anyone else needs to find out about house training your puppy try Grathaw Canine Teaching Expert (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my work buddy got amazing success with it.

  22. I could listen to Cesar all day.

  23. It's very uncomfortable when your puppy keeps being aggressive to people while you have no idea how to make it obeyed your order.

  24. I pick up the leash, my dog runs in the opposite direction.

  25. i have all seasons +Yue Wang nothing about putting a leash on his collar ..not the going for a walk part

  26. my dog won't let me put the leash on he tries to bite me

  27. Now give that mutt his food back, he is drooling all over!!!!!!..LOL

  28. That dog is stunning

  29. Ritienne Azzopardi


  30. ๖ۣۜKª†ɧeʀ¡ηe Phan

    look junior he love the food 🙂

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