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  1. I'm a professional dog trainer. And I always see dumb people on the web. But you're not. You're good. I use same base techniques and follow through protocols. You are very nice to the dogs. I can see it. Good job. I'm watching this many times over. Thank you 🙂

  2. EgyptianSoldier

    I have a 3 months old german shepherd and I hit him when he does something wrong but I don't hit him too hard, only once, and he is now very polite when I tell him no he stops doing whatever he does wrong.

  3. Thankyou Gary: Will try your suggestions and get back. John

  4. great video, thanks for posting.

  5. Why are the other 4 videos set to Private? Are we going to be able to see the rest of the 5/5 videos?

  6. its very usefull.
    where is the part 2??

  7. Love that you showed us how to put on the choke chain properly! I did not know that! Thank you!!!

  8. I disagree with yelling at the dog. Since some breeds are more difficult to train, you need to show him who is the boss and being fakely angry at the dog if the dog really does something wrong he will sence you being fake.

  9. a trained owner is a happy dog

  10. WaagooshTheRedFox

    my dog reasons, i am pretty sure you are wrong in that aspect at least. i never taught my pup to share anything, as a matter of fact he thinks he is the alpha of the household. one day a lab puppy that looked very starved wandered into my yard… it layed down next to my pup after he barked at her for like 10 mins, buck (my first pup) went to his bowl, got a mouth full of food, went back to lizzy (we adopted her soon after) and left the whole mouthful for liz to eat, then liz shared the bowl.

  11. @mikemyk Hi. I just watched this video. I know your comment is old an stuff, but could you please tell me if these exercises help? Thank you in advance

  12. As soon as u get ur dog (8 weeks)

  13. I have my pitbull learn this when he was two months old.. now he is three months he knows how to sit, lay down, jump, heel, play dead, and fetch.. im still thinking of other things to teach my dog.

  14. Cool!:) Just wonder from what age we can start this trainning.

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