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Dog Training Tips: Come When Called!

A simple exercise to teach our dogs that environmental distractions are not a cue that it’s time to disconnect from us. The emphasis is on non-verbal communication and creating circumstances where the dog will be much more likely to come when they are called. Work on this one gradually and in conjunction with more ‘formal’ recalls around lesser distractions.

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  8. Hi,
    would you make a video showing separately all the different hand signals you use with the verbal cues?  Thanks. 

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  11. Elizabeth E. Cooney

    It's absolutely unpleasant whenever your dog keeps jumping up on people.

  12. Shouldn't reward with just treats because as time goes on she expect it every time you want her to do something

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  15. she is the most beautiful GSD on youtube, so calm peaceful and smart.. i love ur videos. and hope i'll get a GSD girl myself. ur training videos give lots of confidence and helpful advice !

  16. The Great Akuma

    Hey man I have a 3 month old german shepherd (soon to be 4 months) and I'm having a hard time potty training her ive tried the crate method it works but when she's in the house she pees on the floor and I always have too clean up after her

  17. What do you do if the dog starts coming, you click, then they just turn off a different direction? Should I just wait and give her the treat if she finally gets there? Does this mean she doesn't like the treats? Also when she does come she just walks, how do i get her to come running?

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  19. i like your Pproach..to the point

  20. Tab, do you need a clicker?

  21. Tab, how much do you charge for sessions? I would love help with recall.

  22. Tab, I have watched all of your videos, my GSP can do all of the tricks and behaviors you have taught me, except for RECALL. For 4 1/2 years, my dog runs off at any opportunity sending my husband and I into a panic. She does pretty well on loose lead, trying not to use prong collar. I am about to give up and learn ecollar 🙁 , because I can't keep her safe. My dog appears to be much more assertive than yours. Hunting instinct strong. maybe you can help?

  23. Helen Witherspoon

    I agree with how important recall is. When we are out of the house and in more unformiliar area, our dog ignores us. Also, how the heck do you get rid at the appropriate time to get read of treats????????? She won't do anything without treats. Thanks your help. You have the gift.

  24. Say it like it is

    Ur eyes are like 3-D

  25. I could use a tip how do u do that clicking noise

  26. I hate cats

  27. You can try things that your dog likes like a toy, patting, or you can even play fetch as a reward

  28. Doverbendoverben

    What do u do when your dog goes really far away and out of eye contact? Say the other side of the house in a big yard? Also what kind of treat rewards do u use? My dog we saved from the shelter and has obviously been training with her old owners. But has not been interested an any treat I have tried yet?

  29. Perseas Liberiou

    I have a 14-weeks german shepherd which every time that i tell it to come and we are home it is coming,but when we are outside he doesn't listen to me.How long will it take to learn to come to me with your way of teaching??

  30. Melinda Griffin

    Never treat dog away or to another object, always from you. Restrain recall could be helpful…

  31. Stephanie Buzzella

    My dog (a black lab female) has learned that running from us is a wicked fun game. I'm working on her recall with a 50 ft lead and she returns to me with no problem when she's on lead, but as soon sashes off lead there isn't getting her back unless she's ready to come back. Any advice will be great. Thanks!

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  33. This is all and good but what if your dog does not come for treats ? Mine don't !!!

  34. i like toilet paper too. important stuff. XD

  35. you are amazing! i had learn a lot from your videos… you should move to San Antonio TX, there is a big need for a great trainer!!! <3

  36. Ive followed a lot of ur videos my dog can now shut doors, place, hold objects ext all by watching ur videos thanks 🙂

  37. Man this dude is a great trainer. I really want ask him about some stuffs, but I notice on every videos and comments, dude never answer back to noone. How can you ask people to subscribe to your channel, and not want to help them when they have a question? Your videos are still great and helpful to me by the way, I'm just saying that is be more helpful if you could take some time out and answer people questions. I mean isn't it why you start this channel, right?

  38. Maaan . . am feeling that you will come out of my screen @_@
    Just keep a distance between you and the camera =S

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