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  1. I noticed in a more recent video you said you had 4 dogs but I've never seen the 4th. Did you get a new puppy? I think you should do a video on all the tricks you've taught your dogs.

  2. my dog is a husky and he is going after other dogs and thingsis there any way we can get him to calm him down

  3. He reminds me of Lip from shameless

  4. Probably the greatest dog lesson video on Youtube ever.

  5. What should I do with my dog he has starting growling at my family member and trying to bite he seems fine but his mood changes. He is also aggressive against other dogs. What should I do? HELP!!!

  6. Elizabeth O'Hair

    Good video. I'm getting a Dalmatian and I don't have a fire truck for him to run be side, so fetch it is.

  7. Christina Spencer

    Hi, thanks for the great video but I have a question. I'm in a situation where there is literally NO place I can have my dog (a Samoyed) off leash or running outside. I live in Seoul, South Korea and there are only three dog parks in the whole city, all of which are over 20 dollars taxi ride away (and most taxis won't take dogs). So walking or running on a leash is my only option. Any ideas on how to make the best of the situation? I try to vary the walking route or run/jog sometimes but is there anything else? Thank you!

  8. Elizabeth Nunez

    How do you train to fetch a frisbee ? My dog is a husky he's 14 weeks old and is so hyperactive

  9. Your videos have been such a help to me. Thank you

  10. I have a young rescue, she has some corgi in her… she has soooo much energy! she is small but faster than every dog, no matter what breed or size… even after 4h walk with many interesting activities, new situations and places she still cant sit still for 20 minutes 😀 I taught her to fetch, but after few times she gets distracted by a interesting flower or a bird and doesn't want to play any more…

  11. is there something we can do to keep puppies from digging…they are terrriers

  12. Recently I was reading about hip Dysplasia and the articles suggested not having the dog do exercises such as jumping for a Frisbee. There was also a warning about not letting a dog use stairs until they were older. What are your thoughts regarding that?

  13. i have a question: my dog, a mini GSD has a bit of agressivity problem, she is unsure. do you still think i should play tog of war???

  14. I need help….how can I cope with dog ownership for another 15 years or more? Seriously?
    I love cats – they make my life whole (we have 3 gorgeous ones). I love other people's dogs – but I loathe dog ownership of my own. We had a labrador for 15 years and I hated the work (not the dog, and I was never cruel or mean to it and always attended to it – please let me be clear on that point). It was my husbands dog really and she was always a lot of work for me and I didn't enjoy it at all, although a nice dog generally and she had a lovely nature, as most labradors are. My husband is a wonderful, kind and sexy man who works his guts out (I don't know anyone smarter or more hard working than him) and he was always away working so she was my responsibility. I am a stay at home mum. I never had owned a dog before and I actually chose her initially, but realised my mistake within the first hour – when she nearly destroyed the inside of our car and its contents. The destruction and upheaval and cleaning just didn't seem to stop for many years.

    She has now died so now we have the replacement labrador who is 9 months old as my husband was just going to die himself if he didn't replace her, and hey, I don't have the right to tell him what he can or cannot do, and I as pointed out…I myself have 3 cats. As you know, 9-10months old is the high dump rate because they are still stupid and puppy-like but well over 30 kilos and very active and extremely needy and they test their owners constantly with their behaviour. The dog is not naughty, it is just doing what it does naturally i.e. ripping out plants, everything in its mouth, destroying stuff, making a mess, wanting constant attention/walks/interaction, barking, devising new ways to escape or seek enrichment. I have done everything in the past, and still do, to try and stop the dog from ruining my home in the few short hours it is left unattended (or at night when we sleep). Last night he got out of his pen at 5am (installed by me to maintain some sanity) and destroyed the garden, yard and dirtied all the outdoor area.

    I have tears pouring down my face as I have just spent 3 hours cleaning up the mess, have bromeliad plant scratches on my cheek that are stinging like anything from where I have been bending down into the garden, and am yet to go back out and do some more tidy up – I now need to get the hose, the bleach, the window cleaner and the mop out. He goes to the beach twice a day for up to two hours at a time, gets marrow bones/pigs ears/treats/toys/stimulation/attention – everything….yet, he still does what a puppy labrador will do – destroy everything and shove everything in its mouth. He comes inside when we are in (watching TV and stuff) and is in a baby gated pen area with toys and activities where he can see and hear everything – he constantly chews the wooden bars from the pen and repairs to maintain the pen are constant. I arrange play dates for him with the local neighbours dogs, give him access to the footpath when I know the school kids are around so he can "chat" with them. I creepily look into mini skips and on building sites to find things to repurpose for the dog to play with as we have bought every toy available to mankind from Petbarn.

    I look for many opportunities for him to socialise, be kept busy i.e. when I have a tradie over they get the privilege of having him tied up near them so they can "work together". He has his own paddle pool which is filled daily or more often at times. I make toys for him i.e. milk bottles with a few biscuits in them, noisy things on bits of rope, toys, toys and more toys, this dog gets everything, but just like the last dog, it is never, never enough. He is at the uncontrollable age and size and I get abused by people on the off leash dog beach when he plonks himself all over their little dog or tries to "play" or dominate their dog – he is not doing anything wrong per se, he is just very big and hypo and doing what a dog his age and size does, and should be doing. He can sit and drop (sort of when he feels like it) – but will not come when on the dog beach and just goes off and I am chasing him up the beach like a total loser. I have taken him on a long 15m leash but that just gets tangled and it is easier to just let him do his thing, then chase him back and forth up and down the beach. The men on the beach especially love laughing at me and seeing what a loser dog owner I am and how I am so pathetic. I am sick to death of getting abused by other dog owners when my stupid dog plonks all over the (again, he is not hurting them but he is just big and boofy etc).

    Being on the beach with a dog is the last thing I want to do. I hate walking the dog. I don't want to touch the dog. It is really filthy and it stinks. Bathing even makes the stink worse if that is possible – you then get that clean wet dog smell which I find intolerable. I am a clean person and like to stay clean and tidy. I find dogs, in general, are really dirty and the licking and slobber and chewing is disgusting. When I see dogs on people's laps, on their beds, on lounges etc – it just grosses me out. Dogs are really filthy (well, large labradors are anyway in my experience).

    And, no….I don't want to go running along the beach with him, nor do I want to go into the water swimming with a dog – errrkkkk. I couldn't think of anything worse. I like to go to the beach to have a pleasant, quiet and serene time viewing the ocean and soaking up the sun – NOT getting dog slobbered all over, picking up dog s…..t, trying to control a dog that I clearly have no interest in controlling, nor the physical ability to actually control at times due to his size and girth, getting told of by other dog owners and so on. Oh, and I did try and get my husband to choose a smaller dog i.e. cavalier or bull dog – but no……he wanted another labrador. The dog physically hurts me when walking. He pulls and goes whatever way he wants. I cannot put on those stupid Halti harness things over their nose/face to stop them from pulling; we have 3 of them and I cannot figure them out, nor get the dog to sit still long enough to put it on. My husband has even needed to use moisturiser on his fingers because of the savage effects the lead has on his hands when he walks him.

    Doggy daycare is not even an option as I don't want to put the dog in my car – I have a lovely car and the dog just puts hair everywhere and stinks it up. I do NOT want a dog in my car – ever. I don't want to take the dog to doggy day care. I just don't want anything to do with the dog. Getting a walker in to take him for walks is insufficient – believe it or not. Two walks a day (2 hours each) – still is not enough. I also don't want to arrange or have anything to do with anything dog related i.e. care, vet, baby sitting, maintenance and so on.

    Training options you ask? Oh, he is going to special training in two months, and then again at 12 months, 18 months and two years. We did this with the last dog (went to the guide dog place) and she was perfect at the training facility, but when she got home – everything was back to the same pretty much. She walked a bit better on the lead, didn't jump up, but still wrecked the place and didn't come when called if she didn't want to etc. Boredom for our labrador is being unattended for 15 mins, even after it has been to the beach for two hours.

    So, in short, my amazing and lovely husband is at work a lot and the dog is my problem. I don't think we should have a dog due to my husbands work commitments. When my husband is home he definitely walks the dog and does a quick pen tidy up, takes him to the vet, picks up poop etc. Any other cleanliness or home maintenance/yard issues relating to the dog fall into my domain. I would actually give up my 3 cats whom I adore so that I could take the dog back to the breeder – but I tried that with the last one and that was a no go. So, tell me, how do I cope when I clearly don't want a dog or want to have anything to do with it?

  15. I need some help. from everyone really. I have a pitboxer mix. which I do take outside once a day for about 45-1 hour long. but I feel he needs a really big field but I'm nervous about him seeing someone he wants to play with or just another animal and bolts for it. What do I do? we have only a few dog parks near and there not much larger then my yard

  16. love all your videos and try to put into practice everything I learn with my new rescue rotty Deisel, but exercise isn't enough to stop him being afraid of other dogs and wanting to attack first. I watched the video on how to deal with a reactive dog and walking away is all well and good but I want Deisel to make friends with other dogs or at the least be indifferent. he'll never learn to deal with other dogs if we keep walking away.

  17. Thank you so much! Your channel is amazing and has helped us so much! Bless you :)))

  18. I just want to say thank you ! your videos really help train me to become a better trainer and be more patient and understanding. Is it okay to let your dog walk in front of you without pulling on the leash ?

  19. He is right.

  20. can I play frisby with a small dog? or should I just get some small tennis balls

  21. I have a dog aggressive pitbul and I want to exercise him but if he sees another animal, he will rip them apart, how do I exercise him other than walking him?

  22. Jeffrey Arevalo

    im really willing to do this only thing that worries me is my dog may be too hyped and i don't know what will happen if he sees another dog he's a pitbull mix with jack russel very very energetic dog lol

  23. omg I think you are 100 percent correct Zak, I will try that from tomorrow, my puppy is definitely hyperactive dog and showed some aggressive behaviours such as growling and jumping, running around crazy around the house, biting my legs, and so on and I tried to control him in many ways like firmly saying no to him which he never listens, he just thinks that I am playing with him, but maybe that is because I do not give him enough time to play around with me so I will try fetching and see how it goes… I just get really tired trying to figure what he wants.. who knew that raising a puppy can be so HARD! but I want to really try and give my best shot at him as he is really cute and we really love him so much even though he tries to bite my legs everytime he gets too excited and they hurt!!

  24. Thanks for your video ..love it 🙂

  25. Lucre Bem - Empreendedorismo


  26. Not true! I work my wife to the bone and she still has behavioral problems forcing me to give her up. (kidding!)

    Great video. I agree that exercise is a big factor in behavioral problems.

  27. What if your dog decides that one day he wants to play fetch and next day he won't give you the ball back. You let him be and suddenly he snaps at you. Starts jumping on you from every direction, growling and bitting you covering you in bruises to the point you start being scared of your 59 pounds, 9 to 10 month old mutt.

  28. Idonia Mancillas

    For a family that works all day, would you say that mornings are the best time to work your dog to help avoid destructive behavior while you're away from home?

  29. Do you have any tips to teach my dog to fetch with a Frisbee?

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