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E collar Demonstration with an out of control dog

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This is a Demonstration of the effectiveness of an e collar if used properly with the right training.
See the out of control dog change in minutes AND HAPPY!!

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  1. Lara Wolfhope // Wolfie

    The dog at 1:03 was a beldian malinois. ( Comment if I'm wrong ) or at least a beldian type. I have a Beldian malinois and he has anxiety hes hard work but you can hardly tell he has anxiety now. We don't use shock collars on him since it makes his anxiety worse.

  2. you didn't show anything fuck head about what you did to fix the behavior stay off you tube idiot

  3. how do you set the bark mode

  4. Burlap&Blang design studio

    i will not do dat

  5. Terrible, unable, cruel, disgusting.

  6. I JUST bought one yesterday and need help! My German Shepard is COMPLETELY out of control around other dogs! He just attacked a pit bull yesterday! Hence buying the collar…are you guys around the Los Ángeles area by chance?

  7. Barks_the_ Dino

    ima get one for my dog

  8. After reading these comments I completely understand why most trainers disable them. What a mess!

  9. funny,treding,make,videos

  10. I want a shock collar for my small dog cause when that bitch gets out the front door she don't know who the hell you are and I just want to shock her ass,im going to love this!

  11. So where did all his energy go ? 😉


  13. Luckily it's only a matter of time before we all know these methods are outdated. There are much better ways,proven scientifically to give both faster and more reliable results than this punishing BS.You should be ashamed calling yourself a "trainer". Look up Bob Bailey, Ken Ramirez, Victoria Stillwell, Ian Dunbar and more and learn something useful instead of subscribing to this sorry excuse.

  14. And I am for the ecollars (min educator one) my dog is off leash now.

  15. So here's what I've learn about ecollars. U but the cheap one it could hurt a dog. U but the mini educator it works and doesn't hurt the dog. Don't buy those thirty dollar ones on Amazon. They hurt the dog. Even on a 1 setting. The one I use is the mini educator.

  16. And you call yourself a trainer! You are tourturing the dog!

  17. My dog does great in controlled environment, well behaved, will do sit, down, come, wait. Bring him outside and to a situation that is more interesting than me (i.e. a pond with geese) and I just can't get him to come/heel. He is not food motivated when outside. The only way I could get him to heel/come outside was with a lead and stepping on the lead. He won't come/heel if there is more than 15 feet between us. I've had angry dog-hating people call the cops on me for letting my dog off leash. Which is legal, but only if your dog will come/heel on command. I can't let him off leash now which is really bad for an energetic dog. This e-collar is the last resort for me. I hope it works. I"m trying it because we do have an invisible fence at home and it works great.

  18. so much negativity…for all of the people against e-collars…WHY are you on this guys page…to be honest…you seem jealous of the results…and no, i'm not 5 so i'm not going to argue with you…i am a positive only trainer but am interested in becoming a balanced reward trainer because positive only lacks certain things to me…but honestly reading through all of these…you positive reward people who are even on this page are really jealous lol it's pretty pathetic…

  19. he is the reason why your video has over 200 dislikes and just a little over 200 likes you're not giving an explanation for what you doing dumbass and how you're doing it.

  20. Januari 1 2017 these thing will become ILLEGAL in the Netherlands.
    There is no need for a torture device to teach a dog.

  21. So this video thinks a dog that wants to play is classed as out of control? What a bunch of clueless people. I know, why not try introducing the dogs. Let them socialise and stop being so clueless.

  22. Reatards……. Retards everywhere…..

  23. To ,All ASSHOLES [who did such evil things]my dog does the same thing on walks, then I switch to PFAC Harness from choke chain ( because its hurting him) , I cannot electricate my dog and pretend myself as the master of puppet, what me and my family belive that our dog is a member of our family. military guys might use wired painfull stuff on their working dogs, we are general people,  didn't need to do such cruelity. peace for all dogs, will you use E-collar on your 3 years old kid in order to correct his/her behaviour ?Note : Please don't hurt your dog, be patient , do correct steps, evil ways are not necessary.. or may you guys get bitten from your own dog.

  24. The comments on these video's are either macho squaddies calling trainers pussies for not using negative reinforcement like this or clicker happy hippies calling it animal cruelty. Dogs are a very diverse bunch, very adaptable, very different to each other with different personalities and backgrounds. There is no "right way" to train a dog (Although the books will tell you their method is best and the rest are wrong). Different methods take different ammounts of time and effectiveness depending on the dog. If a "nice" way doesn't work you may have no choice but to try something like this, especially if the dogs behaviour puts their (or anyone else's) life in danger. Try not to be so narrow minded… Both of you.

  25. stupid humans don't know anything about psychology — typically american

  26. VEGAN WarriorⓋ

    Stop giving the damn secrets away!!! LOL I can't believe people and even the community (dog training) don't know or embrace the effectiveness of the e-collar yet. You can train a dog 60% faster with an e-collar than without. 🙂 Great video my friend.

  27. oh i get it if you have alot of energy you have to get it mindcontrolled out of you ya MINDCOTROLLED it sends a ''''pulse of corection'''' through the dogs body!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fucking shit ass dog haters!!!!

  28. I always thought those electric collars should come with a remote with a button so that you can give him a little poke now and then for good measure.

  29. This is stressful for the dog and really Animal Abuse. There is no proper way to use e collars because the dog will fight through the slight annoyance to get what it wants. Then YOU turn up the power and cause the dog real pain !

  30. The Random Geek TV

    E collar? bull shit, what happened to the old way of training animals, the freindly way. our world is turning mechanical to the point where we use technology to discipline animals, its disgusting

  31. The Random Geek TV

    your sick its making the dog more aggravated

  32. E-Collars when properly used, do not "shock" a dog. Just like a regular leash/flat collars when properly used, don't "strangle" a dog. E-Collars are NOT cruel. Leaving a dog locked up, or even worse, giving a dog to a kill shelter, because you are not willing to employ an E-Collar to augment training, IS CRUEL. Not being able to travel with, and keep you dog with you at the beach, on picnics, on walks, in the car….because you won't use an E-Collar (for dogs that need one) IS CRUEL and INHUMANE.

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