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E Collar Training For Everyday Dog Owners | Pak Masters Dog Training Nashville

Professional dog trainer and e collar expert Larry Krohn shows how he starts the teaching process for clients that want to learn proper e collar training to achieve off leash obedience with their dogs

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  1. This was awesome. Not corny at all. Love to know how early to start. Picking up my 8 week Rottweiler this week. Strong and smart bloodline.

  2. i just bought a pet tech collar that has beep, vibrate, and static shock mode. vibrate and shock modes are 000-100, i had the static shock mode on 001 and put it on my leg and it felt like i was being stabbed, how am i suppose to use that on my dog to train her properly without possibly hurting her?

  3. Thanks now I understand on timing, great demonstration !

  4. wakely wanderer

    It should be noted that stimulation on the neck feels much stronger than in the hand.

  5. Awesome video, we just recently got a pit bull puppy she is 11 months now and we tried martingale collar didn't work, prong works on walks but still having trouble with running off, recall and a few other bad behaviors, I came across Solid K-9 Training and really love the way he trains , pure positive will NOT train a strong willed , strong dog. I purchased an ecoller and just now took it out of the box 2 months later I fell it is the best way to communicate with a dog like mine. After seeing this video you have given me the confidence to start using it. I see the biggest difference when people use e collars what can take months with just positive training can take hours with the ecollar.

  6. Not an argument

    very well explained!

  7. The Colorado Outdoors

    nice video so you use the shock not the vibrate right? I am trying to teach my German Shepherd stuff with an e collar. Thanks

  8. Endorphika Morphika

    WHOAA!! I just tried to test my dog's "Sportdog" e-collar, starting at the NUMBER ONE level. It practically made me jump out of my seat! I think I'll go bungee jumping now….

  9. aww she is so cute!

  10. Thanks Larry! The sound effects were very helpful in figuring out the timing.

  11. Wow! I really like your method for training dogs, I am watching many of your videos and see happy dogs. .Thank you and Sophia for showing us how to teach our dogs .

  12. Oh man!! Thanks for this video!! Me and the wife are going to "train/practice " . Thanks again very helpful.

  13. This is a great tutorial. I wish my trainer would have taken more time to train me on the e-collar before sending me and my pup home after boot camp.

  14. ordered the dogma iq plus with two collars for my staffys. been watching every video i can for infomation. this was very very good thank u

  15. Thank you so much for putting this up! Very informative.

  16. You do it perfect sir ..much people dont know how to train with a Ecollar ,,now ,this is the real way to use a Ecollar

  17. Thanks very helpful but how do we figure the end collar level for the dog.

  18. If you really want to know how the ecollar feels, put it on your neck.

  19. We went to a trainer, we learned how to use this but now that we are at home our dog jumps at even a level4 or just the vibration, and now when he sees the remote he runs and hides in basement with his tail between his legs, what do we do now?

  20. i love this video! will get one now.

  21. Hi Larry,
    Good job on the videos keep it up. Well I got a E collar before I Wach your videos. I have a 5 month old Labrador and we were in the living room so I try it on the dog It was on a high level like 13 and he jump. now every time I putting the E collar he freezes up and he Like depressed I feel so bad that I messed up. it's hard for me to make him do anything even with food. how can I fix him.
    Thanks you

  22. Nothing wrong with role playing! Thanks for the video, very helpful!

  23. Thanks Larry, great common sense approach to teaching clients how to use the ecollar properly. I too have the same mentors. I run Knucklehead K9 Services out of Lewisberry, PA (close to Harrisburg). Tony

  24. Creative Pet Keeping

    A very well made tutorial. I hope this helps people.

  25. This is very helpful, thank you!

  26. As weird as this sounds, i'm glad there are people like you willing to show more closed minded individuals a willingness to use an e-collar on humans, In this case your own daughter, to show how comfortable you are with this method of training / communication. Thank you for the video.

  27. Elias Rodriguez

    Not corny. This is the best example of how to teach someone how to use the e collar. I have been wondering how I was going to teach my wife. Thank you I needed this.

  28. Your videos are extremely helpful. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise.

  29. Fast Pup Dog Training

    Hey Larry:  What are you using to make the noise?

  30. Christopher Koanui

    Great video Larry.  We do it the exact same way.

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