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First E Collar Training Session with Puppy / Nashville Dog Training

Professional dog trainer Larry Krohn showing how he conditions dogs to the remote collar by using low levels paired with food and praise making it a good experience for the dogs he trains

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  1. Is this using vibrate or shock? My remote has both, not sure which to use when first finding working level. Thank you for the videos, very well done and informative.

  2. Lol, she looks like a "Layla" to me too…
    I've watched a lot of e-collar videos and yours are the only ones that has made the penny drop on how you use them in this minimally aversive way.
    I still find the idea of applying any kind of discomfort abhorrent, but that's just my emotional response. My rational, higher reasoning centers are making me fascinated.
    There's no denying this video. I love how it doesn't appear to stress the dog out at all.
    So the initial reaction from the dog is a startle ? Does the stimulation always startle the dog or do they settle into understanding it's just the unpleasant thing that happens as a negative consequence ?

  3. When were you tapping the remote ?

  4. I don't understand how you were using the ecollar here. All it looks like is she is responding to you calling. When and how were you using the ecollar. Sorry for the questions ??

  5. You are welcome Larry

  6. You do it damned right sir ,,nice to see the right way you use the Ecollar , here people can see the right way you can use an eCollar as a form of communication (invisible leash) to get to that 98% reliability with many dogs. This can be accomplished with very low level stims as you do .

  7. What does an e collar really do ? Is it a shock or vibration? I want to become a gundog trainer. So I'm trying to learn everything I can even before I got to ABC.

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  9. how young of a dog would you start with the ecollar?

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