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How to Correct your Dog’s BAD Behavior!

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  1. we live in a apartment so what should I do

  2. i have three dogs and two are new and young and one of them fights with the older one who do i stop it

  3. How many dogs do you have?

  4. you look like a husky

  5. Queen Zay's Diy's And More

    Please help my dad whoops my dog when he pee's or poop's in the house he won't listen to me once I say stop please help ty

  6. Cardinal Defense

    My dog is a 4mo walker lab and is reactive like crazy, but he's smart, he knows what he's supposed to do. He will feign a sit or down half heartedly and wait for me to let my guard down before he goes nuts. This happens anywhere.

  7. amazing your dog is like still ;D.

  8. Thanks to his corporate sponsors, he is able to produce these videos, and that he promotes products and Companies with animal welfare in mind is excellent. I am all for promoting the companies that help sponsor this important method of training!

  9. thebesthomie PGN forever

    How do you make your dog stop eat stuff that he or she is not suppose to eat cause my 2 dogs eat the flowers in my mom's backyard and they also eat the dirt too.

  10. My dog keeps getting into the trash and won't stop, I've done everything please help.

  11. Anthony Chiconella Popeye10

    how do I fix when the dog uses restroom in house

  12. whenever i try to teach my dog a new trick she gets very frustrated and just wants the treat 🙁

  13. i adopted a dog this dog was given up the first few days it was spot on potty training now the dog is making mistakes and even thou was taking out during the day it made it was leaving pee spots i dont understand why even thou i'm seeeing it pee out side but i think this dog is revolting because it was given away………..what do i do

  14. I have a 6 month old chiweenie, how do I potty train him? He sometimes doesn't use the bathroom outside after staying out for hours and then comes in and uses the bathroom inside.

  15. My puppie is so hyper how do I stop him?

  16. The issue that I am having with my dog is when we are in the car and she sees another dog she goes crazy and shows teeth and she also does that when she sees another people. When my dog was 5-6 months old she was badly abused were she had to have 3-4 surgeries. My dog loves me to death but it took her 6-8 months to like my boyfriend. My dog is food aggressive, dog aggressive and people aggressive I need to know how can I stop my dog from going crazy and showing her teeth in the car when she sees other dogs and people. I will never give up on my dog but I would love to know how I can help her with her issues.

  17. why all the hate? Zak I remember you doing the disk throwing way back when watching animal planet. I feel like I've watched you grow so much as a trainer. good for you for doing what you love and loving every minute of it. keep doing what you're doing and hopefully one day I'll have a similar career. I've come up with my own ways to train my dogs with my own technike as well as watch your shows and whatnot and thats how ive made my dogs the dogs they are today. watching your videos again make me feel so motivated to try new things with my dogs again. if you dont mind me asking where did you learn everything you know about training?

  18. my dog is always shouting

  19. plz my dog is horrible with people and always gets excited and pees, can u plz make a video about it

  20. how can i teach my dog to walk whle on leash

  21. when to get your dog/puppy to vaccination

  22. Is a 7 month old dog 🐶 a puppy still

  23. My puppy bites my ankles/hands and when I tell it to stop it doesn't but if my dad comes in the room then I tell it, the puppy will stop. Also it sometimes barks if it get stopped.

  24. Ilove your videos and so does the woman who runs our puppy school here in Wellington NZ. I have a six month old Kelpie – Talulah – she’s amazing – even with her ambition to be the boss. She’s so reactive on lead that I have a pinched nerve in my shoulder – off-lead she’s great – exhibiting independence – charming really not interested in fetch or catch.. I think she needs MORE exercise – but worry that I can’t exhaust a working dog – I can only increase their stamina. What do you think?

  25. I have a cross boxer / Mastiff and weighs 80 lbs. And he has huge feet and steps on my toes a lot! How do you keep this from happening.

  26. Armins3D GROWTOKEN917

    tanks you helped me

  27. how do you make your dog growl on command like he's smiling

  28. Larissbruil Bruil

    all youre videos are with realy nice dogs. why dont you show us houw to deal with a dog that is agressive to other dogs and of humans.

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