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How to Teach your Puppy to INSTANTLY Sit Still and Pay Attention

How to teach your puppy to pay attention! This video is sponsored by the Doggone Good Clicker Company! Use Coupon Code LOVEZAK for 10% off of your ENTIRE order!

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  1. Ill just make the click with my tongue lol

  2. Broccoli assassin

    Fluffy corg!!!

  3. What type of dog is max? I'm getting a puppy soon but I'm not sure what breed I should get. But max just looks adorable !

  4. Can you do a how to convince your pup to trust you ?

  5. Aahh,, Max looks so fluffy and adorable

  6. I have a puppy sheltie but some of the videos does not help

  7. Ugh he's the cutest puppy .. I just wanna squish him so hard 😻

  8. Samantha Blackwell

    thank you so much Juuri Kuuro

  9. I'm literally binge watching all these videos because I'm getting a new dog soon

  10. Chocklategirl Choco

    plz someone tell me which breed is this

  11. Mackenzie Corbin

    Your videos are a lifesaver! My husband brought home a puppy and we are so lost 😂 Our first baby came from a shelter and she was perfectly trained when we got her so we definitely need help training the new pup ❤️

  12. I know what a Trible is.

  13. I'm getting a puppy soon and the only place i can keep him is on the house roof , any tips ?

  14. Moustache Unicorn

    I might be getting a toy poodle soon and I was wondering if anyone has any tips on anything for me? Thanks a lot!

  15. Where is bb-8? I miss him!

  16. the puppy is so cute

  17. lιттlє мιѕѕ ανєяαgє

    hello, I am getting a new puppy tomorrow, but I already have a dog that is about a year old. Do you have any tips or tricks for introducing a new puppy to an older dog???

  18. i'm sorry – but when did we get any tips on training our puppies to sit still?? all we saw in this video was clicking that thing and product promotions… how exactly am i supposed to get my puppy to even know i'm trying to teach her to sit still when i can't even get her to sit still long enough to get her attention in the first place??!! 🙈🙈i get you want to sell your book, and various other items for yourself and respective sponsors – however, perhaps an actual piece of advise or trick regarding the topic of the video would be great as well… ☹️️☹️️

  19. Samantha Blackwell

    when I teach my puppy a new trick how long do I wait to tech a new one

  20. xXxassmonkey69xXx

    Hella shameless plugs bruh😂

  21. will you please make a video about what age you should start teaching your puppy? and explain why

  22. i'm getting a labradoodle puppy in a couple of days and these videos are SUPER helpful! thanks for making them! 🐶🐶

  23. Frank and Pup Dog Training

    can someone check out my chanle

  24. I'm getting a pomsky puppy soon and your videos are helping alot! But ive heard that pomskies are stubborn.. ive watched your how to train stubborn dogs and stuff too so im hoping this will help. Would you be able to maybe get a pomsky and use it for one of your videos to train? Itd help alot and id appreciate it very much. Thanks!

  25. Cristen Griffith-Kline

    I love your videos! There is one thing I have noticed that really concerns me. You use lunch meat to reward the dogs. What concerns me is it is extremely high in salt. With most brands just 2 slices has 600mg of salt. I understand that you are only giving the meat when you are training, but high salt can cause Blood pressure spikes that are very bad for the kidneys. Don’t
    get me wrong I love your training stile. I just worry about the dog’s health. May be home made baked chicken breast would work just as well?

  26. Help! I have a 11 week old golden retriever and I'm getting so frustrated because he won't turn around when I call his name nor come when called even inside my house with no distractions and I tried your tips but it only works when he knows that I have a treat in my hand, otherwise he would just ignore me even if I clap or whistle. It would be helpful if you do a video with a stubborn puppy. Please help! for a second I even thought that my puppy was deaf 🙁

  27. Marthdave CoLtd

    hi i am divine i am 8 years old i have a new puppy his name is sparky his a boy dog i like
    puppys because they are cute.

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