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How to Teach your Puppy to Sit and Stay *NEW*

How to Train your Puppy to Sit and Stay! This video is sponsored by Petflow! Set up automatic pet food delivery today

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  1. can you do how to teach your puppy to wear clothes and shoe please zack

  2. Stephanie Rivera

    Zak i love your videos but can your do a video on a boxer puppy please

  3. Can you do a video on a boxer puppy?

  4. Hey zak, could u do a video about training an alaskan malamute??

  5. I love your videos but I have to be honest it seems like you keep making videos about the same things. Can you make new videos with different topics, example more videos on preventing puppies from mouthing or bitting. Also new methods for crate training, and top tips to do to raise a great dog, just to mention a few. Thanks

  6. When you mean treat, do you just mean normal dog food?

  7. Can you a video about helping a dog get used to the car

  8. Makayla Mullins

    i ordered your book and it is great my puppy is going to be really smart

  9. Thanks Zak, this is great! I've just ordered your book. We are getting a black German Shepherd in a few weeks (she has just turned 5 weeks old), so I am loving your channel right now!

  10. my friend's dog isn't sitting and hes 2 years old

  11. This is the #1 channel to see if you have/getting a puppy/dog. I'm going to get a Pure Bread German Shepherd, my parents are proud i watch this

  12. Would love to see a video with an English Bulldog puppy in it. Would really be helpful for us bully puppy parents.

  13. TigerWolfEevee Girl Plays

    This video is sponsored by


    I thought he was gong to say golden doodles

  14. Hi Zak love the videos. Could you do a video with a German shepherd please.

  15. My dog is 12 months and still bites we got him from a shelter. As a puppy he was treated as a back garden dog and was abused he's extremely friendly so the biting isn't violent or anything can you please make a video addressing this behaviour?

  16. Hey Zak, i'm getting a mini australian shepherd. I'm planning on taking it to the beach. Can you do a video on how to get your dog/puppy to not be afriad of the beach. I know you did one of swimming but the beach is different because the waves scare dogs. Thanks! (like if you agree)

  17. ToningGorilla28


  18. Can u train a basset hound plz

  19. "Paws" your dog. HAHAHA.

  20. we have had him for 3 and a half weeks now

  21. i thought mine would never catch on but he did 🙂

  22. me and my new maltese starting practicing this today then u uploaded a vid of it 🙂

  23. I got a Vizsla puppy. This video was very helpful, thanks.

  24. Hey @zakgeorge, thank you for making so many great videos! I just started fostering a 3 month old puppy and am excited to try all of your training tips. I've been using turkey (deli meat) and training treats but it seems that he is not that interested in food unless he's hungry. Are there other foods that are safe and work well for puppies?

  25. Zak George's Dog Training rEveloution Hi Zak thankyou so much for all of these videos we are getting a Australian Shepherd in 4 weeks and u are so helpful we got your book which i think is awesome!! Bye!🤗

  26. I really want that boooookkkkkk!!!!!

  27. Cooks you do a video on training dogs for competition and to attack for those with natural aggressive dogs and naturally active dogs and this will also be good for hunt ting breeds thank you

  28. my dog just keeps trying to jump and bite my hand off I'm trying so hard

  29. How to convince your parents to buy a puppy ! Tell her you'll get more fit. It always works. Then say you'll be more self disciplined because you'll constantly have to walk a dog like every day. Finally, do the deal breaker. Tell her how much closer your family will get. Like going to the beach and having a picnic with the puppy ro running around the dog park. Dogs also help with things like depression. But, if your mom doesn't like going out a lot then easily tell her about rainy days. On rainy days nobody could ever get bored with a little puppy running around. Make sure you don't whine or tell her everyday. This takes time. It took me like a few months after I got my strategy down. But I've wanted one since I was like 4 and 8 years later here I am😂 Also don't forget TELL HER HOW CUTE THEY ARE IN COSTUMES AND JUST IN GENERAL LIKE OMFG THEYRE BEAUTIFUL FURRY BABIES😭💕 So yeah. Also look for cheap dogs online maybe Craigslist cause on there they can be free or less than like 300 so that's good. And even better, look in shelters. Always look there first. They're cheaper and in much more need of a home. So try to do good 😊 much luck on this new adventure you're on. Should be easier since your dad wants one. Hope this helps

  30. I have a 2 month old German Shepherd mixed with boxer and I'm trying to get him to do his business on a training pad but he keeps peeing on the floor how do I train him

  31. Great video and training
    I'm think of getting a dog
    Should I get ….

    1.German Shepard
    4. Blue nose pitbull
    5.Alaskan malamute

    Let me know thank you btw I love all of these dogs

  32. Bono and I super games

    Another goldendoodle

  33. Zach stop doing "*New*"

  34. Please train a English bulldog!

  35. Hazel IS SO CUTE!!!

  36. She is not looking for treats on the table she wants the book. It is a must read for humans too

  37. The Cow with Hops

    Does anyone know how many treats is just enough for puppies? I don't want to end up over feeding our little pup and having her throw up. But I also love our training sessions and I'd do it for a long while but I don't want her to get sick

  38. The Cow with Hops

    We just got a golden lab a few weeks back and she is quite the handful lol. She always grabs onto my shorts and I'm afraid she's going to end up pantsing me 😂😂

  39. my dog know how to perfectly stay and sit with a box of treats in front of him but just doesn't want to sit outside plz need help

  40. Kristen Sturgeon

    This great and I love your vidoes. I understand with your book you are focusing more on puppies than adults. Can you do more adult or year old/teenage aged dogs? People can get a lot out of the puppy videos, I share your info and recommend to people, but that is something overall I notice and people I speak to mention they wish they'd see more of a balance of overall.

  41. Satisifying King

    Hey zac my lab puppy barking when we r eating meals and everything and jumping when we avoid her

  42. Veronica Potter

    what breed is this?

  43. FlameOfDaPhoenix

    Zak George!!! Please Help me get my parents to get a dog with more tips on how to save money while having a dog

  44. leanna rodriguez

    can you do one with a maltese i am getting one soon

  45. leanna rodriguez

    can you do one with a maltese i am getting one soon

  46. Can you please make a simple training episode with a beagle

  47. You make it look so easy

  48. Jennifer Felipe

    Omg thanks this help so much know my puppy knows who to sit and stay .

  49. Do you have a video on how to get your puppy inside the house no matter what?

  50. Abigail J T.V T.V

    Can you train a Maltese?

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