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How to Train Your Dog to NOT PULL on the Leash!

Need to see more examples of leash training with different dogs? Check out this playlist with newer examples of different types of dogs learning to walk nicely on a leash!

Teaching your dog to walk without pulling can be one the most challenging parts of training a dog! While every dog is different there are some basic concepts that you should know. In this video, Nina the 6 month old LA-SPCA rescue dog, learns how to walk nicely on the leash and I’ll demonstrate how simple it is to teach a dog without using a prong collar, choke chain or shock collar.

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  1. Whenever I put the leash on my puppy lays on the floor ignoring what to do, once I got Juno to the park and he got afraid and ran to the bushes 🙁 I can't walk my dog!!

  2. Ummm yea this isn't gonna work with a 130 pound Akita

  3. IEATN ightmares

    I've tried everything I can to get my dog to be obedient and nothing works. I have an 11 month old black lab mixed with idk what, her behavior makes me think pitbull which is not a problem but might explain her need to be dominant ( sry if that sounds ignorant I have nothing against pit bulls) I love my dog and I refuse to give her up but she's causing a lot of stress in my life. I need something that actually works. If anyone can recommend anything please let me know.

  4. Yeah Ok Ramsey Bolton

  5. hey i try but my dog doesnt care about treats when we are out on walks so he doesnt care what i want because there isnt a reward. And he doesnt sit when we are out on walks at all. He is a rescue dog that use to be a fighting pitbull and whenever he sees a dog I have no say and he just pulls as hard as he can to get at the dog. And the other day he was attacked by a loose dog, it came running outta nowhere and I dont think he feels safe to pay all the attention to me and he feels he needs to be on alert at all times encase that happens again. What do i do?

  6. The first time I put a prong collar on my dog he stopped pulling. I didn't have to beg my dog to stop pulling me. I didn't have to lick my dog's ass when he didn't pull me. AMAZING!

  7. I Love my little hunter but dachshunds are as hard headed as they come. One the walks, when he sees a squirrel or rabbit, forget it. After one year, I finally got it to sometimes not pull after he poops so I can use a bag.

  8. Who got shot?

  9. Oliver Santikham

    Lol Ignore a bad behavior and it'll magically go away. Giving treats for sitting gets rid of jumping and pulling??? Unbelievable.

  10. Nice, thank you. Will try it out

  11. get a Rottweiler

  12. take them on hikes…. you mean take the dog that wont walk on a leash outside on the streat…. with people, and cars… thanks i now know how to get my dog to walk on leash..

  13. make a video not to eat garbage or outside things

  14. Zachary Coulter

    what kind of dog is nina?

  15. Nice dude! I think the treat giving is a little too much you could train them to need a treat to do and they'll get obsessed with it SOME dogs, but otherwise this is a good move subbed.

  16. Aye that's pretty good

    can you do a video on the effects of negative training vs positive training or results of negative training???

  17. this was very easy i did this and 5 minutes after i took my dog for a walk and it was the best walk ive taken with him

  18. I have the totally opposite problem. My 12 WO Lab puppy is hyper BUT she won´t walk outside. When I get her outside she wants to go back to the house and cause mayhem there, I have to pull her to get her to walk, drag her actually… She now is almost always just lying down and refusing to walk

  19. I'm not sure I have the patience

  20. Every time i put on a leash my dog doesn't eat his treats anymore
    What should i do?

  21. nina listen from far away

  22. Great job

  23. Though, Nina was six months so probably too early to try with a younger puppy?

  24. Shahriar Dhrubo

    can you pls give your home address I want to teach my dog will you teach my fog free pls 😆😆

  25. Great video! Hopefully you'll see this because I have a small dilemma: my puppy doesn't want treats when walking. We use nice, fresh chicken, and if she's outside, she could not care less about the treat. Don't know how to reward good behaviour.

  26. Have you tried training a small dog like yorkie or poodle

  27. Vitaly does dog videos now?

  28. Marilyn Delrosramos

    is it bad to give my dog more than recommend amount of treats when training?

  29. I have tried your method for months. I started indoors and slowly moved out. I brought treats on all his walks. After a while, I tried to not bring treats on his walks. Whenever I didnt, he would just go on walking, fully aware that he wasn't going to get a treat if he were to stop and look at me. So now I have no choice to bring treats with me all the time. But even then he still keeps pulling. It's the exasperating cycle of him pulling then me calling him back and him pulling again. Over and over on every walk. I'm seriously getting tired of this. What should I do?

  30. Emerald Studios

    My dog constantly pulls help me pleas he's a jackhuahua and pretty stupid xd

  31. Emerald Studios

    My dig pulls to walk in the middle of the road but he won't run

  32. Hi, what reward treats do you use? I have a two year old sled dog, fresh off the dog yard. (1 week) All she knows, pull, pull, pull, so I have my work cut out for me. She is better when our other dog is not with her, to train in walking, but add him and it's over! your only holding back a "digging in" all your strength to hold her back "all-star athelete" thanks in advance a

  33. My problem is that once I have put the leash on my dog he shows no interest in treats, can anyone help?

  34. hikaru antoinette

    Very helpful!! This helps alot thank you!!!

  35. Is that a labrador Mix? My dog is a labrador mix! He pulls on the leash a lot! My parents hate walking him because he wont stop! Thanks for helping us! My dog jumps a lot too.

  36. first video ive seen on your channel. i like how you do your training. its inspired me to change my training habits and watch more of your videos

  37. Jumping to snatch the treat is definitely not a good thing…. :/

  38. Michelle Bryant

    ok I have a rescue dog I had for four days that's eight months old and has had no basic training she is really excitable.. .my dog can't be trained inside as she gets really exited when she sees the lead and won't sit for any length of time app art from when we are at the front door…she will sit for a moment and not take any kind of treats…she pulls on the lead outside and chases anything and everything that move and i switch directions…I cannot distract her or calm her down if she sees a cat and there seems to be loads where I stay…any advice..??

  39. wait wait wait….what bs….I want to train my dog to heal. Excited or not I need him heal. YOUR telling me I should spend important time getting him tired so he does not pull me when i go out for a walk.Rewards dog really work when the dog is full but Zak I suppose I keep my dog starving for best control

  40. This dude seems like the sort of man who enjoys cutting off people's faces and wearing them.

  41. Zak! My dog is a jumper and when I try to train her she will forever go after the treats! Please help!

  42. Spunk Master Flash

    My Bassett just sits down and won't budge when he's had enough. 😂

  43. Nina looks patterdale cross

  44. what type of dog is Nina?

  45. mor than good I love this way of teaching dogs

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