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How to Train Your Puppy 8 Things in 7 Days! (STOP Puppy Biting, Come, Stay… )

This is a great video for you those of you who need a refresher or introduction to puppy training! I’ll show you how we deal with Riku’s crazy PUPPY BITING! Plus we’ll recap SIT, DOWN, UP, COME, STAY, “LEAVE IT” and “LOOK AT ME”. I’ll give you advice on preventing puppy damage too! Thumbs up!

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  1. Zak George's Dog Training rEvolution

    Hope you guys like the video! Here's a playlist that will show you how to teach your dog all of the basics in order as well as how to resolve common behavior issues! Thank you! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMssKIjsDxXmMGypWsr8u-yGOUSoPoozb

  2. MineGaming/WrongerSpy

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  4. I am getting a St Bernard so I don't think the playpen will work for long lol

  5. train a labdor

  6. Madeleine Morris

    Dog in my language is an ungodly screech

  7. ElectricWarriorMC

    he looks like peter parker from spiderman 2 or was it 1?

  8. Just bought my first Shiba Inu today and found this video to be the most helpful out of all the dozens of videos I have watched. Liked, shared and subscribed

  9. lightskin Charcoal

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  11. Dog in arabic is كلب

  12. I am planing to get a puppy and you helped me alot…..so thanks

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  15. hi Zac my dog is 2 months Greyhound when I was given him food he started and when he was eating I started touching his head but started biting and barking on me please reply

  16. chocolate lover

    my Shiba is so shy

  17. anonymous wannabe

    is he wearing makeup

  18. I have 9 week puppy pitbull. how can get him to potty and be good when im out of the house?

  19. Springer Spaniels

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  20. in my language we say "pas" for dog

  21. Awktopus Artist

    Does anyone have tips for a 10 year old who is trying to convince her parents (And herself…) That she is responsible enough for a french bulldog puppy? I really need help cause I have wanted one for years! PLZ ANYONE?!?!?!

  22. Fahad Almoutlaq

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  23. All mom, a little blonde and no Bullshit.

    start at 5:16 and tell me that dude wasn't about to eat that treat!

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  25. Breed name please? If possible please add dog breed name in description field also?

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  30. my puppy use to pass urine wherever it want to piss.how can I make my puppy to piss in a particular place? please somebody help me

  31. Sarah Danielle Torres

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  34. hi my puppy is great at non biting me, as I'm the one doing all the trainings. but she still bites my kid. how do I teach her not to bite my 5 year old also?

  35. What about all the dogs who can climb out of these exercise pens? I want to get one for our puppy, but even tiny dogs and pups are able to get out. ☹️

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