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How to Use an Electric Collar to Train a Dog to Come When called

Many dog owners struggle with various aspects of their dog’s obedience. One of those biggest challenges is training a dog to come when called.

Coming when called can be a lifesaver, it can prevent the dog from running into the road, and it can help with other behaviors like bad door manners, chasing off after other dogs and more.

One of the most effective ways to train a dog to come when called is the use of an e-collar (sometimes called an electric collar or shock collar).

If it’s used poorly it’s not a good tool. If you use it properly, though, it can be the most humane way to train a great recall.

In this video I show the way that we introduce an e-collar to a dog and how to use that electric collar on a low level to teach the dog to happily return when called.

Happy Training!

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  1. Scotia Bushcraft

    This is backwards training. Train the recall and only use the correction to proof it.

  2. Thanks for doing the video. What about using the e collar to stop negative behavior? My lab is chasing and nipping other dogs at the dog park. Then the fight is on. It seems like it would be confusing to use it for come and then a big NO. Any idea's?

  3. jennifer robertson

    They are wonderful – I have only used the shock twice, to stop my dog from running over to the neighbours dog.( down to 30) the buzz is the one i use to get her to listen to a command. Her behavior has improved beyond recognition. Had trouble with the connection -batteries; but all good now. .

  4. We have a 2yo pit/boxer mix rescue. He was a stray at the shelter. He's extremely human friendly but has no training and some cat aggression. With the right behavioral training and an e-collar is it possible to get him to where we can at least get him to refocus on us instead of the cat? While we aren't assuming they will ever be best buds, it would be nice if they could at least coexist at some point.

  5. Do you have expierence with Coonhounds? I got one that was bred by some hardcore coonhunters and I must say she's quite a handful compared to other breeds I've owned

  6. nice

  7. I've got a six month old mountain feist that knows what "here Hank" means, he does it every time when I've got treats, but he's a little asshole when I don't. Also when I put him on a leash he digs in and fights every step when I pull as I say "here Hank". I had to buy a body harness instead of a collar because his head is too small and he pulls out of collars.

  8. what type of leash is that?

  9. I have a dogtra e collar and it seems to work well on my 90 lb great pyr mix however he needs much more practice. Do you know how long a typical dogtra battery lasts once it is activated? I feel like mine only lasts for a few hours.

  10. Much obliged, just picked up a Sportdog 425S for my 7 month old Blue Tick Coon Hound. Watching and reading as much as I can before I start. Great tips

  11. TY
    Thank you very much for the wonderful video.
    I am a 100% Disabled Viet Nam Vet. I am having trouble getting Shane to;
    1. Not pull me when walking. I need him to walk by my side, not in front of me.
    2. Stop his INSANE barking when not Working.
    3. Not try to get to another dog when Working. (play or attack) not sure. With his demeanor most likely he wants to play.
    I need a good companion and Shane"s temperament and love towards me is superb. He is excellent with children and my other dog a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel.
    Other than the problems he is great and he listens to all his other commands that I give him.. His trainers a couple of independent people and are trainers for the VA (who live too far away for me to travel back and forth) would give him independent instruction.
    I am on a fixed income and cannot afford the cost of a training lessons. I did however buy the Etekstorm training collar and not sure how to use it. Naturally I don't want Shane to be scared of it, or even worse be afraid of me.
    Can you please help me out and give me instruction on how to use the collar or to send it back to Amazon and do something else.
    Thanking you in advance,
    Daryl N.

  12. What function and level should I start with? For example, vibration at 10?

  13. I just use the beep function, shocked her maybe 3 times over 6 months

  14. I appreciated the simplicity you offered, thank you.

  15. I don't understand… You wanted people to post questions in the comments, yet you haven't responded to any of them.

  16. Found them and subscribed!

  17. Ty, that was very easy. Thank you. I have two Shih Tzu's, male and female, 3 1/2 and 3 respectively. I am contemplating buying the Pet trainer. Do you have more video's?

  18. Beautiful Dane!

  19. Beautiful dog

  20. What length lead do u recommend like 6 /7 foot then get longer or just start off with like 25 foot lead

  21. thank you for sharing this… I understand now that I'll need to do some work with my bulldoggy before she will understand what the collar means.

  22. My dog can sit, speak, give paw etc from clicker training, he comes when called in the house, and in the park…. but as soon as he sees another dog Boom he's ignoring my calls and straight over. Have tried distraction with toys etc doesn't work. Short of getting his balls cut off should I try one of these ?

  23. It's takes patients to properly train a dog….period lol

  24. What level is a "low" level? My e-collar ranges from 1-100. Thanks.

  25. have you touched this eletric collar? its really hurts for a human now imagine for a dog

  26. I'm expecting some dubass retard Peta faggot to hate on this.

  27. i just bought a pet Ainer. and she dont listen on it and i did what you all did and stull nothing. she is a lab mix with retriever. the only reason why i got it cause she is going on 12 months and she is jumping out of the gate , growling at people , pretty much anything. im scared one day she jumps out arl will get called out and i cant come up with 250 to get her out. any tips on that?

  28. BBUUUHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! e collars are now forbidden in MANY european countries….. and that is why we are best in IPO and other dog sports.. you do not have to learn the dogf to react to the ecollar.. you need to use a lot more time to get the 100% secure recall without ecollares.. i have a friend that has been in the world championships with her GSD over 5 times now.. she i also a european winner with several of her dogs., and she has NEVER!!! used any e-collar…. thi is so american.. same with horseback riding.. usa had to send their riders to europe to succed.. so sad to see – because this should be a world wide thing.. respect – time – compassion – patiens… and LOVE.. ( although – you are not the worst of the ecollar users i have seen and you do explaine what do you do very well.. – but i am sure you could do training without punishment!! or ??? )

  29. Josh Bridgewood

    could you do a video with a dog in the field with another dog walking towards you and seeing if it works that way because thats the trouble i have with my dog as soon as he see another dog he is off

  30. Dogs trained with shock collars and invisible fences
    may develop fear or aggression toward what they believe is the source
    of the shock (e.g., kids on their bikes, the mail carrier, the dog next
    door). Dogs have also been known to run through invisible barriers when
    frightened by fireworks or when chasing a squirrel and then to be too
    scared to cross back through the barrier to return home.

  31. Hey I'm looking for something to train my dog so that he only roams around in our yard. He's pretty obedient for the most part but he's just like a child. As soon as you take your eyes off of him he starts exploring and not in a good way. He's about 15 years old and can't hold his bladder as we so we have to let him outside at all hours of the night. The thing is he's very small and his coat is all black. So there's no way you could see him unless he walks out in the street and even then it's hard to see because the street is black too. Any suggestions?

  32. Excellent Lesson. Thanks

  33. It's very discomforting whenever your dog keeps barking to people while you can't make it obeyed your order.

  34. What kink of leash are you using?

  35. I'm about to rescue an American bulldog that I want to be my fishing buddy. No strings attached. By stings I mean collar. I don't wanna have to watch him all the time. I just want him to know where he can and can't go. Would an e collar be the proper way to go about doing that. Also. Can they get wet. Cause I'm sure he will want to go for a swim occasionally. Thanks in advance. I really enjoyed the video. And beautiful dog btw.

  36. I am getting an e collar to train my dog with out a leash. When she is off a leash outside she just goes absolutely nuts and runs around like crazy and completely ignores me telling her to come. She just looks at me and continues on running. She listens on a leash and inside thought. I think this technique will work verry well. Thank you!

  37. I have a dog that counter surfs. How can I use an e-collar to get her to stop?

  38. I want the collar to shock myself lol

  39. BUt the way you demonstrated the dog is being trained to come when shocked, not when called. So you will always need the collar on? Similar to a dog trained to come to a whisle only>..

  40. Great vid! At what age do you recommend the e collar training?

  41. we tried it didn't work

  42. we tried it didn't work

  43. Is there any specific brand of color you suggest? Great video!

  44. does this work on teenagers ?..

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