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Puppy Training 101: This is What a Typical Day Should Look Like

What should a normal day of training be like with a new puppy? This video is sponsored by PetFlow.
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  1. jessica martinez

    hello. I just got a puppy that is 3 weeks old. Your videos are very helpful. Thank you. God bless.

  2. Elizabeth Flynn

    What kind of dog is that

  3. AH puppy!!!! 😍

  4. I just got my new puppy today

  5. Should I wake my puppy up when he is napping, to take him outside once a hour?? He is 8 week old Labrador retriever

  6. My puppy is ten weeks

  7. Drum and Bass Pro

    Fuck you and fuck Blue Wildernes, too.

  8. looks almost identical to my puppy

  9. I adopted a puppy about 3-4 months ago when she was about 3-4 weeks old. She spends all of her times outside but I have been having some major issues.

    First of all the biggest thing its biting I did everything rewarded her treats to stop said NO a million times nothing seems to work actually when I start saying no and slightly push her away she gets even more aggressive and wants to bite even more. So what should I do.

    My second issue is that i don't know if I should let her leashed outside especially when am not around because she gets crazy when she sees other people and that scares a lot of people

  10. Please, tell me more about the new smokehouse sausage from Blue.

  11. Hungliketictacs

    This video was hardly a full day. Half of it was shoving ads down our throat. How many meals a day? You only showed one. What calculation are you using to determine portion of both meal and treat? How many times did you take him to the bathroom? Come on..

  12. I stopped watching when he named the dog andromeda

  13. All Kindz of Gainz

    do you have a link to the treats u use for training? thanks

  14. Cameron Studley

    Hey Zak! i want to thank you for all the videos! my brand new puppy wasn't comfortable with her crate but in just 10 minutes of training her like you did, she just walked in by herself and lay down without any luring.

  15. I'm still not clear on a "typical day"… that was like one hour or so? So, after the park what's next? How many times in one day would you do training sessions and for how long each time? How many repetitions on average or do you just keep repeating until the dog (or you) gets fed up?

  16. Hi there, can you let me know who the artist is who painted the dog picture hanging on wall. I noticed a chihuahua in similar format in another video. They are fantastic. Thank you.

  17. is this an infomercial

  18. what If you have school and have to leave the puppy for 7hours

  19. what kind of dog is she

  20. that was the worst name ever

  21. It's a goddamn commercial

  22. Harriet Cheeseman-Meyer

    PLS VIDEO FOR PUPPY PROFING I'M GETTING DOG ON JUNE 21 (sorry about most of this can't spell words)

  23. Joselyn Williams

    I had a question about how much time you should spend a day with training your puppy? My family just got a 12 week old lab and I am trying to make a consistent schedule for the family to follow because we have a large family so consistency from everyone is key. I just wanted to know how long should I expect our dog Holly to stay attentive and actually learning during a training session or if we should break it up throughout the day like 15 mins here and there

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