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Reading Dog Behavior | Dog Whisperer

After getting to know the dogs at a local animal shelter, one woman’s fear gets a little more manageable.

About Dog Whisperer:
From London to the Jersey shore, Cesar Millan travels far and wide this season to help problem pups, including those of Kelsey Grammer, Jillian Michaels and Hugh Hefner. Watch as Cesar uses his uncanny skills to rehabilitate dogs and train people to achieve a balanced and natural relationship between humans and their pets.

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  1. Judith Campbell

    I hope all those puppies get adopted into Great homes with people who will love and take proper care of them

  2. its like playing music, if you have the information in your head you know what note to play over the next chord that you know is coming thus you can do so with conviction and emphasis, if you're unsure you can be hitting the right notes yet still sound off … which is also like comedy, like chris rock says, you can tell a joke perfectly but if you go nampy pamby about setting up/reinforcing the premise its not gona resonate. you gotta know what you want to accomplish with each move, and always be seeing/visualizing 2 cars ahead to be prepared to get there efficiently and effectively. knowledge is power for no reason other than this, not knowledge for the sake of knowledge, but to enable calm assertive decision making

  3. As a person who is working with dogs for a week, after no experience, this really helps.

  4. Delusion Dispeller

    I've been watching Caesar over the years ang I have a question. Why does he have a show where he tells us how to train dogs, etc, but at the beginning of the show it tells us not to attempt anything without a professional. Does NatGeo actually expect us to pay hundreds of dollars to hire a professional dog trainer before we try to implement the skills he is teaching us? If so, why not have a show in which we SHOULD try the techniques. I know I don't have tons of money to pay to train my dogs, so I'd like to (and do) use his techniques on my own.

  5. i can't stop staring at Cesar's teeth. SO WHITE!!!

  6. I'd like to adopt her boobs 😀

  7. If I won the lottery, every single one of those dogs would be adopted by me and put on acres and acres of land and eating homemade dog food!

  8. If I won the lottery, every single one of those dogs would be adopted by me and put on acres and acres of land and eating homemade dog food!

  9. He says he never approaches a dog, but what if you don't want to lead. What if you just want to join and maybe not be superior. I've spent a lot of time with stray dogs and have found that it is much easier to follow their lead sometimes than to force new obedience on them. In terms of stray dogs, I think the one who can learn to adapt to the other more easily should. This is obviously very different with dogs you actually want in your home, but then again the two are very different. With strays it's really all about gaining their trust by constant exposure. Pets don't have a choice, but that doesn't mean they dislike any of it.

  10. unluckiest bitch who cant pet dogs. pls die

  11. Cesar milan is such a good trainer he trained bruce lee and norris

  12. Simone Mckenzie

    Your so awesome

  13. so sad seeing all of those beautiful animals locked away, I hope they're treated well

  14. shes got great cans.

  15. I like spicks

  16. MikeTysonJunior1991

    I think this woman needs a little more make-up…….naaaaatt!!!

  17. Shanae Stoddard

    Poor puppies 🙁

  18. TheCassafrassTree

    Also, make sure you can read your bird's body and vocal language. Eclectus are unusual parrots. Most WON'T scream when they're afraid, but hunker down and keep quiet. Bobbing head and fanned wings/tail might be a plea for attention, all feathers fluffed out and fanned wings/tail can indicate excitement/aggression. Happy birds waggle their tails. Sleepy birds grind their beaks.

    There's lots of good training resources on the web. Look up LandOfVos – it's got articles and forums just for Ekkies!

  19. TheCassafrassTree

    Eventually the bird will get the message that if it wants your attention, it has to behave. It will get worse before it gets better (this is called an 'extinction burst'), so don't give in. Make sure you know the difference between screaming for attention and screaming because it's afraid.

    Run obedience training skills every day a couple of times a day for ten or fifteen minutes. Step-up, go to perch, go to cage, and target training are essential skills for companion birds.

  20. TheCassafrassTree

    Eclectus parrots can become very clingy at a young age if you don't teach them independent play early on. In order to break the behaviour, ignore it. When it screams, don't give any indication whatsoever that you heard. If it tries to cling to you or flies back to you when you put it down, keep putting it back on its perch until it gets the message. If it bites, don't give any reaction whatsoever.

    When it starts playing by itself, and is quiet, reward it, with a treat/toy/your attention.

  21. pacificprospector

    I think these episodes have to be coached in Nat.Geo's own warning, that is, they are meant for entertainment purposes only.

  22. yes , yes a child expert DOES need kids if not they are talking OUT THIER ass about something they have NO IDEA about other than what a BOOK said JESUS CHRIST YOU ARE STUPID

  23. same here

  24. You sound like an idiot that thinks BOOKS teach us everything if that was the case EVERY child coming out of HIGHSCHOOL would be a fucking genius PLEASE books are for BASIC learning a VET doesn't know SHIT about animals other that how there BODIES work and a ETHOLOGIST knows NOTHING about HUMAN behavior so STOP speaking what you have no fucking clue about you sound STUPID

  25. no he does not

  26. yes it is, you are a SHITTY at human behavior and spelling at that to be so educated.

  27. i think thats how he shows dominance

  28. Thats My neighborly dog shelter

  29. there needs to be a eclectus parrot whisperer cause I bet they have some sort of language and I want to keep mine from screaming all the time and being clingy

  30. The best thing you can do is grab a dog. Especially, if the dog is not expecting it. This surprises the dog and brings some small amount of excitement into their otherwise mundane lives.

  31. He has been around many many different types of dogs so I bet he would know a lot more about their behavior than just learning about the history of their minds. How many dogs have you rehabilitated? Exactly.

  32. If what you are saying is true that no body knows anything liable about dog behavior. But I would trust Cesar's opinion over facts I've read in a book any day.

  33. Elisabeth Magnusson Rune

    A dog expert is a person that has studied animal behaviour (specifically dog behavior) in university (ethology) or some other highly deemed private school (dog behaviorist), etc. You need to learn the theory behind animal behaviour by reading not only books but mostly sciientific reports. It's along way to learn the minds of animals (dogs).

  34. Elisabeth Magnusson Rune

    Just having owned dogs does not make you an expert that is correcty understood. Just like having lots of children doesn't make you an expert in child behaviour. If the number of children and the years having spent with children is a definiton of a child expert – then we have all our child experts in poor countries. A child expert doesn't even need to have children themselves.

  35. Yea and someone who has spent their whole life around dogs and made a career out of rehabilitating dogs and studying their behavior wouldn't be educated in dog behavior?

  36. E.. your soo EDUCATED. It is exactly how to over come fear, you face it. Any psychoiogist will tell you so. I get suck a kick out of the comments. How are you EDUCATED in dog behavior? Please tell us all what your credentials are? B4 some silly person listens to you.

  37. LOL

  38. nothing, just don't take that show serious it's just for pure entertainment. Not professional. I personally don't like being with dogs that much but I felt so sad seeing that confused dog behind the bars hiding at the end of his cage. Imagine you being in his position, such a poor dog. There should be a place for dogs to be able to live without too much human interference with their own society, its not fair for us to lock them up in cages.

  39. He's not approaching dogs, reaching out and trying to grab them. People – particularly small kids – do that alot – they even stick their fingers in the cages at the shelter, or they try to grab dogs at places like the dog park.

  40. im a critic of ceasar,but he doesnt come to dog,he lets them check him out. have you ever seen him come over and bend down to a dog on the first greeting?

  41. mscentrum04: WATCH carefully.Body language and approach is different.

  42. he may walk toward them and own the space around him , he never reaslly walks up to a dog to pat it or give it affection , like she means when she says approach.

  43. Sparrow's Illustrations

    it's not like he took her to his centre and forced her to be surrounded by dogs. He had to have her consent, otherwise she wouldn't be there and this wouldn't have been filmed. And sometimes experience is as important as education. Reading and experiencing something is quite different- you can red it, but if you don't do it, in my opinion, you really don't get the full 'learning'.

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