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  1. I got a year and 1/2 old dog about two weeks ago. He has a mild temperament, but very lazy while I tried every day to clicker train him. Yesterday I began teaching him how to walk on a leash from this video, and he caught on so quickly! I definitely recommend.

  2. Peacefully Simple

    Humane and intelligent ways exist, here is one of them: https://www.facebook.com/absolutedogs/posts/1353034041446754

  3. Peacefully Simple

    It's not necessary to educate dogs (or people) using harsh and harsher punishment/pressure like the North Korean dictatorship… Humane and intelligent ways exist, this is one of them: https://www.facebook.com/GlasgowDogTrainer/videos/1503676752997592/

  4. Psyco the Super pup

    if you want to see some real dog training go watch gage aka pawfessor
    if you want to check it out search pawfessor gage

  5. Psyco the Super pup

    i dont like this guy and this is the first time ive ever even heard of him

  6. Brilliant. I saw a YouTube yesterday where a dog behaviorist talks for nearly an hour at Google headquarters about clickers and treats. It all sounded great till he got his dog out to demonstrate. What a mess. The dog was out of control, broke commands, and wouldn't give up the tug toy when asked. He even ran off with it. Thank you for your effective approach. You keep sanity in the dog training world.

  7. Talking sense but I cannot agree using choke chain for such young pup.

  8. By far the best dog training video I've seen yet . And all done without bribing them with food!

  9. This idiot is a joke!

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  11. Cameron Shoesmith

    Why so many pointless corrections? When you use a training tool like a choke collar you should be teaching people correct placement of it on the dog. Your collars are not placed right and are way to loose. "escalate pressure" man your going to have some low IQ'ers beating their dogs. I think that you work with well bred dogs from good lines and the DOGS make you look good not your training methods.

  12. Are you sure Bess is a female?Bess looks like a boy pup..Around 13:57,whats that hanging?It really does not matter through but thought I would ask?I like this video..Thanks

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