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Stop Dog Leash Pulling – Dog Obedience Training Video

Special training videos offer. Learn how to stop dog leash pulling from this dog obedience training video. How would you like your dog to walk calmly beside you without him or her fighting the leash? SPCA approved training techniques. This film is also online

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  2. If you don't walk your dog all the time there is no fix. Only Once in blue moons it will be anxious or excited. My pit bull never pulls. I raised his dad an grandfather

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  8. very helpful. now i my dog can walk beside me without too much of my effort! thank you good sir πŸ™‚

  9. At what age can I teach my two month old staffy how to do this? please. I really want him to be a good trained dog and prove stereotyping people wrong.

  10. Anybody that has a problem with this video. Needs a great dane draging your ass down the street then maybe you'll realize you have a lot to learn.Β 

  11. Sorry, but body blocking is force. Β Not that I don't approve, but you might want to change your terminology.

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    Nice Video…

  13. Lucinda J. Evans

    It's completely uneasy if your dog keeps jumping on people.

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  16. pack leader = bullshit

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