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The 5 Most Common Potty Training Mistakes

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  1. Zak George's Dog Training rEvolution

    I hope you guys enjoy! Here's a playlist that will show you how to teach your dog the basics in order: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMssKIjsDxXmMGypWsr8u-yGOUSoPoozb Thanks for subscribing!

  2. it seems zak refuses to respond to any comments… so question for the audience i guess. my dog will pee outside, but then will pee inside when brought in as well. sometimes within 5 minutes. almost zero warning. beagle, 3.5 months. crate trained for the most part.

  3. my pup is 7 weeks i need help! 😣😣😣

  4. Suyog Ale Magar

    plz do protection training

  5. Brooklyn Mermaid

    One minute of advertising. A turn off! Bye!

  6. I just got a puppy and this is helpful

  7. Can you tell everyone your views on training a puppy to use a litter box?

  8. hi I really like the tips you give in your videos, and understand that you have to promote service and or products to be able to post them. The thing is that it can get very hard to focus on the advice if its 30% of the video squshed in somwhere in it… Im sorry iif it offends anyone its not my intent.

  9. What kind of dog is Hazel?

  10. My dog just had his vaccines the vet said to not let him out for 9 weeks cause he could catch something is that true. If so I need help with indoor training not just take em out side every hour should I take him to his pad every hour

  11. Christina Therrien

    that puppy is sooo cute lol

  12. So many people get dogs without actually thinking about how much time needs to go into properly training them. I think some even go as far as believing that dogs just naturally know how to do everything and become overwhelmed when they realize they are going to have to invest a lot of their own time. The dog usually ends up permanently tethered outside and neglected. I think there needs to be more videos expressing the challenges and needs of a dog to inform people and make them think about if they really have the time to invest in an animal.

  13. i have a Havashu and he's only 2 months and my vet recommended to use pads until he's 4 months, because going to the grass he might get an infection and he doesnt have all his vaccines yet. Im using the pads, which he's learning, but occasionally he has little accidents. Is it ok what Im doing for him to use the pads?
    thanks 🙂

  14. I don't have a dog but i will in April 2018 for my b-day so i want to study before i actually get a dog so thank you for helping me study

  15. I have a poodle his name is fluffy

  16. What dog breed is that? Awesome video btw!

  17. Yo boi Zacatree


  18. Havanse 😍

  19. I like that harness!

  20. Catherine Flores

    What dog breed is that?

  21. projectmicky1226

    Is there any advice for people who live in extremely hot areas with no grass? Southern California gets too hot for some dogs to be out during certain times

  22. itss_samantha itss_madison

    my puppy is a lab and he keeps going in the house and my mom is thinking about giving him away and i dont want him to go PLZ HELO

  23. hi everybody i have a doberman mix germen shepard i have him since 2 week first he would pee everywhere no worries its normal for a puppy hes 2 month old affter three days he always pee or poo on a pad so i tought he understood he would occasionaly pee on the floor like 2 times a week but its been 3 days he pee evrrywhere exept on the pad he shit on the floor pee on the floor even when i was petting him i dont know if its normal or if he has a problem.but its been like dat for 3 days and he never did that before i havent changed his food either if u think u can.help me please comment

  24. my puppy never listens. she thinks im always playing with her. help!

  25. starts at 1:20

  26. him not areas

  27. my mom takes ares out in the middle of the night and I do morning like at 4 or 5 in the morning but some times if I don't get his lesh in time he pees in the house seconds befor i take him out 😤

  28. my dogs fussy at eating and drinking he won't eat dog food he won't eat dried or tinned he will eat chicken I tried to not feed them for a couple of days and then feeding puppy food and drive period and still he won't eat in refuses to eat

  29. Good thing the dog is there to distract me while he's talking about pet flow.

  30. NI got a now puppy is name Dewey

  31. I just got a puppy yesterday he's only 7 weeks old and im having a hard time potty training him

  32. pheh this is more ad channel than training channel.

  33. What kind of dog is this? Beautiful!

  34. the painting looks like my puppy. 😊😊

  35. Just got a german shepherd puppy

  36. Elizabeth Aprilia

    what is the tra name of the dog ? very cute

  37. i love how you help dog

  38. what brand is this dog in this youtube?

  39. Do you have any videos on paper/pad training for those of us that live in apartment buildings? And advice on how to split the mix of pad and outside training (e.g. walks during the day and pads at night)?

  40. Zak, Does it help to leave some poo & pee in one area of your lawn so they know where to go? Will this work?

  41. I'm planning to get a puppy soon, but live in a downtown apartment. What are your tips for pad training (or faux grass), being as though a yard is not available?

  42. I have a Yorkey Shih Tzu about 10 weeks and we are trying to potty trained her

  43. I got a dog when she was 2 years old. Not sure how the other owners let her potty but she will not go outside. She will come inside and go on the carpet like you said she likes the feel of carpet Any ideas

  44. oh, so let your dog piss and shit everywhere, then just clean it up? got it

  45. Monique Goffigan

    I have always been told not to let your dogs outside until they have had all of their shots because of parvo. How does this work with potty training?

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