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  1. Can you show us how to house train an adult rescue dog?

  2. that dog is really cute 😍😍

  3. how often should you wash your dog

  4. Sita Rani Arora


  5. Sita Rani Arora

    what breed is max

  6. Hey Zak! We have had this dog( he's a morkie poo) for about four months now. He still isn't potty trained! We have had him sniff the bell and try ringing it, he has only rang the bell once. He just pees wherever he wants. Please help!!

  7. please please do a Rottweiler puppy diet or any puppy diet…

  8. Aah Corgi!!!

  9. btw, the thing you gave to the pup was a beef trachea 🙂

  10. OMG BARK BOX IS AMAZING thanks Zak

  11. Omg he is so cute

  12. Ugh, I've had my puppy 3 months now and he still pees and poops EVERYWHERE! 🙁

  13. How much does it cost for you to train our dogs?

  14. How much does it cost for you to train out dog

  15. Brenda Paez Hernandez

    I have a dog and I am huge fan of you I learn from you thankyou😊😊😊

  16. Artic Penguin Nightcore

    Omg max I want you!

  17. I don't have a dog yet but it am getting one in 6 days I just getting ready

  18. I dont have a dog but now i am taking care of my friend's dogs

  19. I am so Inlove with Max!!!! Makes me want a fluffy Corgi!!!!!

  20. Jennifer Schmidt-McCormack

    Ahhh the fluff is too much to handle. I just want to bury my face in Max's fur :)_

  21. I just got a Pitador puppy from a shelter and she's doing pretty good. She still has accidents but that's to be expected.

  22. TigerWolfEevee Girl Plays

    When I saw the thumbnail, I thought it was a corgi pomeranian puppy…

  23. im going to get a dog and these videos are really helpful but i cant get anything from 'petflow' and 'barkbox' because i live in the UK D:

  24. This pups fluffiness know no bounds😍

  25. Max is so CUTE and FLUFFY 😍😱 R.I.P replay button

  26. Marquesse D'Egrieves

    super fluuuuffs

  27. Max the fluffy corgi puppy is my hero

  28. I have a question, we are getting a new puppy today. We will be crate training. Should I put a fluffy bed in the bottom of the crate or will she pee on it. I wanted her to be cozy when she sleeps ? Any advice would be grateful. Thanks!

  29. I've got a question. My dog Oliver Spring-Bottom (Ollie, 7 month old Pom-ChiWeenie) is terrified of men, has no clue how to play tug or follow the toy when I pull it in front of him and the squeaky toy freaks him out. I don't think he's even seen toys until I got him four days ago. I'm working on getting him socialized and we're doing pretty well on crate and potty training so far. And I've gotten him started on mild games of fetch. So my big question is, does anyone have any advice for teaching him tug?

  30. The Life Of Ne'yohmi

    i just got a puppy last night and i need this desperately because he pooped twice in my room… and boy does it stink

  31. Dungeon Fitness Group

    I love this video. #morejacop

  32. Jonathan Santos

    We need actual tips.

  33. Hey Zak! I really love your videos!
    I am wondering if you could make some videos about:
    – How to groom your dog, or cut its fur?
    – How to clip their nails?
    – How to control dander, or at least reduce it, if possible?
    (My mom is allergic, but I really want a dog!)
    – What's a good dog breed for apartments?
    Those are all I could think of for now, even though I don't have a dog …

    If there is already a video about any of these, please comment the link, thank you!
    Keep making videos, Zak!

  34. This video had almost nothing to do with the title. It was all an ad. Worthless

  35. Can you do a video with a boston terrier?

  36. Jessica Merrill

    This is the LITERAL CUTEST DOG IN THE WORLD, don't tell my golden retriever puppy I said that!

  37. An AWESOME breed. You taught me to train my pems. Thanks Zak

  38. can You suggest me some dogs that are not hiperactive but good for training… plz i am rlly want a dog like this

  39. Yes! Great video!! 🐶

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