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Understanding Dog Body Language – Learn how to read dogs behavior better

Part 2 Understanding Dog Body Language
Thank-you to all the people who donated video clips so this video can have a wide range of body language!
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This video goes over very BASIC dog body language. This video is meant to give a brief overview of what it means when your dog does a certain behaviour.

Dog communication is one of the most misunderstood part of dogs and humans and causes tremendous amounts of problem for both species. If you can take a few parts of this video and apply it to your life and better understanding your dog you will have a more fulfilled relationship with your four legged pal.

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  1. my puppy always hug my leg and hand

  2. Glowing exhaustpipe

    Noo Dumbass liplicking means oooh i just ate something good.

  3. Mr. walawalawangko

    stupid woman… u need watch cesar on animalplanet …

  4. To be watched 'till fluent. Thank you so very much Kristin!

  5. Damn… i wish i knew as much as you about dogs!

  6. thanks for a great video! very informative and pedagogical.

  7. My dogs name is Luna lol

  8. Great video, really nice explanation of the signs. I work in dog hotel and so many owners doesnt have a clue that things like this even exist, they either dont see or dont want to see that they have to communicate with dog on dog level not on human level. Plus dogs needs some kind of job/exercise to do and discipline, cuddling and stroking is great for both, human and dogs but it will never fully satisfy them. Keep educating people 🙂

  9. Happychristmas123 AJ

    I learn new things everyday 😀

  10. My dog's eye contact is different. Based on his actions while looking my strait in the eyes, he wants love and attention or is expecting me to do something or waiting on an order. He is a large black lab mutt with a large curly tail like a husky. His tail is high and slowly wagging if relaxed. Also, when he pants, it is never a bad thing, it simply means he is tired and needs a drink or is panting AND lip licking when extremely exited.He shows listening,calmness and understanding through his ears. if his ears are high and his head is tilted, he is confused. If his ears are low and unraised, he is tired or calm. Not the best video for my doggo (but he's mostly happy so) but still very helpful

  11. I got a cat ad before this

  12. super Bruno channel

    I will try

  13. I have a rottweiler and a lab, well outside they play and get along but when I let them in the house, My rottweiler ( brandy) barks and growls at my l lab ( Sasha).. it seems she does it even more so if I am around.. a freind told me it's becuz she is Possessive of me? How can I stop it? and NO I am not rehoming either dog.

  14. Yeah… Most of these "signs" are irrelevant…

  15. Corinne Previtali

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  16. it's amazing to me how many dog owners have no real knowledge of canine behavior. Dogs deserve better.

  17. Colorado Springs Dog Training

    Great video.

  18. Very good thanks a lot 👍👍👍🐶🐶🐶

  19. When a dog rubs his face against you or presses his face against you, it's a positive sign, right?

  20. think you so much you video help me know how to go about doing my df ogs I'm trying to help with

  21. I don't know about the lip licking.. When you pet them they do it to and you can tell they like it cause they will touch your hand as if saying don't stop.

  22. Hi there! I have a question regarding my 3 months old rottie mix. We are having a problem with her puppy biting… it only happens maybe 20% of the day where she would go in a biting mood. She would bite my pants and long sleeves. Ouch doesnt work and its sometimes hard to snap her out of it. I make sure I exercise her both physically and mentally everyday. Yesterday, we went to a park where she started nipping her leash and my legs. I am not sure as to what triggers it. It happened again today when we went to the same park. It happens towards the end of our walk. Is it possible that she goes into that biting state because she was overtired or overstimulated? Any tips would help~

  23. "Fearfull agression" my puppy used to growl and do some low & high barks, run around and jump around my bed when just playing. He would like bite my hand but not in a painful way. He was few months old and it was clear to see he wasn't in fear/angry or stressed at all. We are a responsible family and I can assure you that not everything mention in this video is true.

  24. very informative. thank you

  25. Marie-Claude Larivée

    You are pretty good

  26. lillian espinoza

    I thought I was going to really like your video but half way I was finished why do I wanna read and try and watch the dog at the same time I'll find someone else video 👍👎👎

  27. My dog's tail is always between its legs, it even wags its tail in between its legs

  28. Thank you! Seeing the behaviours and listening to you is very helpful.👍👍

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