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Understanding Your Dog

Warning, contains scenes of a graphical content.

Understanding Your Dog, is a short documentary exploring our relationship we have with our dogs that has also been nominated for an RTS Award.

It explores how their behaviour can be tracked all the way back to wolves, which Looks upon how they feed and socialise within their social groups and how within dogs we can misunderstand this as being aggressive.

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  1. motherfucer jones

    I own two Dobermans male and female and they have to be anti social because I live in a bad area people steal dogs like mine as their pups would make a lot of money and all you need to earn a kind dogs trust is food. there is also a lot of crime a lot of gang members in my neighbourhood so they need to be aggressive enough to deter anyone from wanting to enter the property. they're fine with other dogs though

  2. The two dogs I know with awful reputations are chihuahuas and pitbulls. People need to treat dogs equally with respect, understanding, love, and discipline. There are no bad dogs, only bad people.

  3. Tanaka Machekera

    i have a GSD 8 months now and he values milk alot so i take his bowl put milk make him taste and know its the one thing he loves then i growl at him wen he cum close making him know its my milk and he try so hard to get to it and ends up giving up and moves to other things i even pretend to be drinkn by making sounds so he knows ,,am claiming my alpha male role by doing this then ll call him and give him the milk wen i want

  4. Rodrigo Hernández Mijares

    Wow. The idiocy in the documentary and the comments attacking it at the same time. People really need biology lessons.

  5. "There is no such thing as a bad dog, just a bad owner…"

  6. Mario Rymovskyy

    am i the only one that thinks this guy looks like fricken chewbacka

  7. Fascinating.

  8. Wow, just wow… the fact that parent's don't teach their kids to not mess with a dog while it's eating is mind boggling. That girl should've never been bitten if her parents had educated her on the canine properly. If i was her, i wouldn't have held any bad feelings towards the dog or any dog for that matter but instead be hella pissed at her parents. She's old enough now to understand what happened and the reasons for why it happened and she still blames the dog, what a crock of shit.

    Guess that's what you get when you've grown up in an abusive household, that's me assuming though, you know the same way she's assuming that no dog needs to be around small children, i lol'd at that comment btw hahah what a silly little girl.

    For anyone who thinks a dog shouldn't protect it's food, let me slam my hand on your food while you're eating and i want to see your reaction. It's no different, you'll get pissed, the dog got pissed. Don't mess with the dog's food, there's no telling how long she had fiddled with the dog's food (with him / her warning the girl) before the dog snapped and just started biting her. My guess is she ignored all the growling and prob thought the dog was playing. Well, what did she learn? lol

  9. dogs r dangerous huh?
    dogs bite and growl just cus they see that their owners dont love them

  10. looks like she's part of the shining

  11. Punk For President

    D O G E

  12. The lady at the beginning kinda pissed me off ngl

  13. I think the fat girl shouldn't be around kids she might eat it

  14. Arya's Kill List

    Yeah, there are some things I'll leave for others to do. French kissing an animal that licks its ass is one of them. That's simply not a sacrifice I'm willing to make for the sake of science.

  15. CookieWaffle 101

    making out with a wolf

  16. What a fucking stupid video. WAAA ME CHILD WAS ONCE LICKED BY A DOG KILL ALL OF THEM ONLY CATS ARE GOOD CATS DONT DO ANYTHING AND SCRATCH YOU IF YOU DONT PAY ATTENTION TO THEM FOR A SECOND THEYRE GREAT BUT DOGS NO KILL ALL OF THE DOGS. Fucking moronic. Dogs aren't inherently aggressive, it depends on the fucking owner. Is the owner a sociopath who treats others badly and teaches the dog to hunt or doesn't restrict the dog when it does something bad? Then the dog will turn out aggressive. Ok, putting restrictions on people with a bad history I understand. But blaming every dog of wanting to kill the nearest child is fucking dumb. The lady at 00:53 is retarded. If you don't raise dogs with children, they're gonna distrust and possibly be MORE likely to harm them! So stop fucking whining thinking dogs will rape your children because (in the right hands) THEY WON'T.

  17. does this mean you can not force pack hierarchy with 2 dogs? For example, trying to reinforce that the older, weaker dog as the more dominant dog?

  18. This is one of the most ill informed, myth ridden loads of nonsense I've ever watched. Dogs share a common ancestor with wolves, they've not descended from modern wolves. The wolf guy is living with wolves in captivity, wolves in the wild do not have an alpha/beta pack structure. Wild wolves live in a family structure, the same as humans. The hierarchy falls naturally from parent to child. They also do not resource guard within the pack or try to dominate each other.
    Dogs are not trying to dominate us or achieve higher 'status' in our 'pack'. The dog knows I already control the food, the water, his shelter, whether I choose to keep him or give him away. I could, on a whim take him to my vet to be destroyed.

    How much more 'alpha' do you need to be ?

    Domestic dog behavior is not that complicated. Dogs just want to get to the good stuff and get through the day with as little conflict as possible. Dogs do what has worked for them in the past.
    We also label a lot of reactive dogs as 'aggressive'.
    No disrespect, but I'd bet the girl who got bit in the face was on all fours, in the dog's face whilst the dog was eating and ignored all the early warnings, so the dog had to resort to a bite.
    Entirely the parent's responsibility, yet I bet the dog paid for it with his life.

    I strongly advise anyone having issues with their dogs to seek qualified professional help from either an accredited behaviorist or trainer using modern training methods.

    "Your dogs live with you how you live with them".

  19. Is it just me? Haha I watched the dogs and didn't listen to what the people were saying. So adorable. 😍

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